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Skydio - Impossible Video, Now Possible. Master Data Science


Skydio is an autonomous drone technology company that designs and develops GPS enabled software to navigate drones. Since 2014, Skydio has established its company which specializes in artificial intelligence, robotics and computer vision. Not until 2018 they launched R1 which was considered as a breakthrough in autonomous drones for customers and as a platform for commercial development. Nowadays, they are building autonomous systems, using artificial intelligence to duck under canopies and dive around branches in forests with caution all by itself. Furthermore, not only it is able to avoid obstacles, some other benefits are they provide remarkable pictures no other drones can.

Good luck trying to crash this AI-powered smart drone


I reviewed the company's first drone, the R1, and my jaw's still on the floor. Most drones fall into the "remote control vehicle" category, the R1 and Skydio 2 are better described as robots. They rely on computer vision to effectively see in every direction. And both use a proprietary AI system to avoid crashing, perform aerial cinematography maneuvers, and follow people and vehicles. The Skydio 2 features six 4K cameras and flies at up to 38MPH.

Skydio has a motorized charging box to make its self-flying drone truly autonomous


Skydio makes one of the most incredible drones on the market, and while we haven't gotten to review the new Skydio 2 yet, the tiny California startup is already setting its ambitions higher than prosumers and videographers. For industrial and commercial entities, it wants to remove humans from the equation entirely, letting them rely on its obstacle-dodging, self-flying technology for automated mapping and surveillance. To that end, it's announcing the Skydio 2 Dock, a drone-in-a-box solution that theoretically lets the Skydio 2 fly mission after mission all by itself. As you can see in the video above, it's got a motorized door and slide-out arm that the drone can land on as well as a built-in charging station for a special version of the Skydio 2's battery with contact pins on the bottom. Skydio co-founder Adam Bry tells me that his drone can find its way back to the box without GPS, thanks to its visual and inertial navigation systems, and it can land precisely on that pad time after time, thanks to a pair of visual markers on top.

Skydio 2, an Artificial intelligence drone is really very smart


It's not easy to fly DJI's drones despite all the sensors. The newly introduced Skydio 2 virtually eliminates the need for you. The drone does it with artificial intelligence. Skydio is one of the most innovative names on the drone side. The first model, the Skydio R1, has done an amazing job with artificial intelligence but could not reach the end-user, as it was kinda big and at $2,500, prohibitively expensive for the majority.