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Visualizing the World of Sales Technology


This infamous phrase was popularized in the 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross, and has become a mantra among fervent salespeople. While sealing the deal is always the ultimate goal, salespeople actually spend the majority of their time on other tasks like generating and nurturing prospects, following up with customers, and finding new sales opportunities. For this reason, nearly three-quarters of sales professionals rely on technology to do those less glamorous tasks faster and more efficiently. Today's graphic from Raconteur shows the value of technology in today's sales world and how artificial intelligence (AI) technology ultimately helps sales reps win more business. Globally, 40% of salespeople use or are implementing AI technology into their workflows to automate or streamline sales.

Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Sales In Surprising Ways


According to McKinsey Global Institute, 40% of time spent on sales-related activities can be automated by adapting current technologies with AI. By embedding AI into CRM databases, salesforce automation software, help desk solutions, and other B2B apps, a lot of the crippling rote tasks still performed by salespeople can be eliminated. Thanks to AI, salespeople can be liberated from boring and monotonous tasks. The effects are far-reaching and include decreased cognitive load, increased job satisfaction, and stronger overall rapport and relationships across the sales organization.

5 Soft Skills That Can Turn Salespeople Into High Performers


Despite what some people say, the ability to sell is a skill that can be taught. It isn't an innate ability that only certain people are blessed with. In fact, there's an entire industry – high-priced consultants, colorful sales gurus, books, webinars, and an endless stream of articles – built around teaching sales skills. But there are other, often overlooked, skills that make a huge difference for salespeople. These are known as "soft skills."

Are Your Salespeople Sharing Stories?


You might wonder how exactly stories apply to the retail automotive selling process. How can storytelling improve your service department hours per R.O.? A well-told, captivating story can affect listeners on multiple levels. It's no accident that storytelling is a craft that has stood the test of time. Motivate customers to take action - Build trust and rapport - Make facts applicable, interesting, and relevant - Capture your prospect's attention - Move your prospect from left brain (analytical) to right brain (emotional) - Motivate your customers to take action Imagine how much more effective your presentation becomes with these 5 benefits. As a professional, you have many different tools in your toolbox.

Augmenting sales with artificial intelligence


As a salesperson, you learn to rely on intuition, charisma, and bonds forged over the course of a long customer relationship. Metrics, software, analytical tools: they're for marketers – the theory-formulators, the lead generators, the A/B-testers, the people who are there to tee you up so you can smash it across the green. Force of will and force of personality have taken you pretty far in the past, so why wouldn't they carry you forward into the future? It's a seductive myth, and more so because it was true until quite recently. Today, however, you can't rely on your gut or your way with people.