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Here an overview of influencer that inspire me daily when reading the newest trends on digital transformation. Feel free to add your favorite influencer on this list. I personally have no influence on the ranking - a neutral algorithm calculates who has the most impact online. So all fame and blame belongs to the algorithm.

27 of the Best Influencer Marketing Platforms You Should Try in 2019


Influencer marketing has become the most preferred tactic for brands to connect with their target audiences. But with multiple brands targeting the same audience, it is quite challenging to reach that audience more effectively than others. It is a lot of hard work to strategize, create, launch, monitor, and optimize your campaigns to drive the best results. Many brands and marketers use influencer marketing platforms and tools to amplify their campaigns. You can leverage these platforms to find the right influencers for your brand, monitor campaigns, and measure results. Let's take a look at 27 of the best influencer marketing platforms you should try in 2019.

Influencers Face Criticism for Saudi Arabia Travel #Ads

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Dianelle Rivers-Mitchell, a travel influencer and the founder of Black Girls Travel Too, said that influencers should learn about the places they're asked to visit before promoting them for a free trip. "I've sat at boardroom tables with tourism boards who have offered to provide me with the red carpet treatment just to promote their destination," she said. "I've walked away from several tourism boards because of the way they treat their citizens within that country. While many countries will provide a private guard or security to make an influencer's experience better, Ms. Rivers-Mitchell said she would worry about recommending those places to average followers without the same access. "You have followers who breathe, eat, and sleep what you say," she said.

No Celebrities Required: How to Create Great Influencer Content


While the Content Marketing Institute doesn't have that Kardashian/soda brand relationship or actor/automobile manufacturer combo, we use influencers to create an e-book to market Content Marketing World. While you may not be promoting a live event, you likely can learn more about how to create an influencer-based piece of content from the lessons we've learned producing this e-book over the years, including the 2018 Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing. Before you begin the creative, ask yourself (or the agency if you're working with a partner like we did with TopRank Marketing): Working with TopRank, we decided our influencer piece – an e-book – would help generate awareness of the event. The metrics included views, downloads, and shares. However, ultimately the goal is event registration so we also tracked conversions from promotions as well as from any influencers.

Influencer marketing cuts through noise and drives sales for brands


For some brands, influencer marketing is a method that has seemingly come out of nowhere and is now considered by many brands to be an established and effective tactic, especially for brands who are trying to target millennials in their campaigns. This type of marketing is expected to grow significantly as the millennial market matures. SaaS had a major impact on the way companies consume cloud services. This ebook looks at how the as a service trend is spreading and transforming IT jobs. Social influencers increasingly have greater impact on consumer brand awareness and purchase considerations.