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Microsoft to drop its Health applications and services on May 31; will offer some Band users refunds


When Microsoft telegraphed that it had no plans to sell a third version of the Microsoft Band (its fitness band) back in 2016, officials said the company would continue to focus on its Health platform. But as of this weekend, it seems Microsoft is now admitting that it's also getting out of that space, as well. Microsoft emailed customers of its Band and Health Dashboard products on March 1 to let them know the company will be ending support for the Microsoft Health Dashboard applications and services. As of May 31, 2019, Microsoft will shut down its Health Dashboard site and remove its Microsoft Band applications from the Microsoft Store, Google Play store and Apple app store. At that time, Microsoft's plan in the fitness wearables space was to put all its eggs in its Health service and related applications.

Oklahoma Gets 600 Medical Marijuana Dispensary Applications

U.S. News

Medical trade groups, such as the Oklahoma State Medical Association and the Oklahoma Hospital Association, lobbied for a cap of 50 dispensaries statewide until patient license numbers match demand. But the state Board of Health decided not to include a dispensary limit in emergency rules approved in August, determining that the board didn't have authority to create such a restriction.

[VentureBeat] The 3 Most Valuable Applications Of AI In Healthcare - GQR


While there is still much to overcome to achieve AI-dependent healthcare, Artificial Intelligence (AI) could prove to be a self-running growth engine for the health sector in the not-so-distant future. A recent report from Accenture focusing on the potential of 10 AI applications determined the "near-term value" of AI in healthcare and how the impact of rapid technology stacks up against the upfront costs of implementation. Results from the report show that an estimated $150 billion could be saved through the application of AI in the U.S. healthcare economy by 2026. Below are the top three AI applications with the most significant value potential in healthcare, according to the report's findings. To learn more about AI revolutionizing in the healthcare industry, check out the original article from Venture Beat.

Welp, Woody Harrelson's weed dispensary application got shot down


But, but...weed is for the people, it's the people's weed. On Friday, longtime weed enthusiast Woody Harrelson lost a Hawaii-wide bid for licensing a medical marijuana dispensary through his company Simple Organic Living LLC. The State of Hawaii Department of Health opened applications for "a total of eight dispensary licenses: three for the City & County ofHonolulu, two for Hawaii County, two for Maui County and one for Kauai County." According to Reuters, the state "did not specifically say why the actor's application was denied." Sure, he's not too upset, though.

Welfare applications in Japan up 24.8 percent in April

The Japan Times

Welfare benefit applications submitted in Japan in April increased 24.8 percent from a year before to 21,486, exceeding 20,000 for the second consecutive month, preliminary data showed Wednesday. The welfare ministry said that changes in employment conditions following temporary suspensions of businesses may have contributed to the spike in welfare applications. Prefectures around Japan urged businesses to close temporarily after the central government declared a state of emergency over the COVID-19 epidemic in early April. The ministry also predicted that the number of applications will rise even further. The number of households receiving aid for the first time in April stood at 19,362, up 14.8 percent.