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Exciting news: We created a toolkit with @HLCitizenship that is designed to help educators and parents guide conversations and learn how to build ethical AI with kids. In light of #CSEdWeek, this is a huge step in #AIethics education -- get your free kit:

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After participating in Technovation programs, families and girls understand computer science and AI better, and they're more confident leaders and problem solvers. We're committed to sharing what we learn from running our programs with everyone so we can all move forward together.



Five teenage girls from Kenya are headed to California to make their dream of ending female genital mutilation (FGM) in their country a reality. Survivors can also report their violations to local authorities and find local rescue centers where they can get help -- all with the touch of a button. The powerful story of a #WorldPitch team who wants to restore hope to girls in society: "FGM is a big problem affecting girls worldwide and it is a problem we want to solve," Stacy Owino, one of the app's creators, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. According to a UNICEF report, more than 200 million women and girls worldwide have undergone female genital mutilation.

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The students who engaged via the classroom's posting and commenting features felt positively about the program. One student in Pakistan told us: "I enjoyed how Idea Lab made learning more like an interesting activity we were eager to participate in rather than just work from school." Another student from Brazil told us her favorite part of the program was "that someone always saw my progress and gave me feedback." Students value attention, being heard, and the opportunity to exchange ideas with mentors more than prizes. As we realized how much students appreciated this feedback, we encouraged our volunteer mentors to engage more often and more regularly with students.