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Artificial intelligence in factory maintenance is no longer a matter of the future


Undetected machine failures are the most expensive ones. That is why many manufacturing companies are looking for solutions that automate and reduce maintenance costs. Traditional vibrodiagnostic methods can be too late in many cases. Taking readings in the presence of a diagnostician occasionally may not detect a fault in advance. The benefits of predictive maintenance are dependent on the industry or the specific processes that it is applied to. However, Deloitte analyses at that time have already concluded that material cost savings amount to 5 to 10% on average.

Augmented Reality Is Becoming a Focus in Maintenance Technology


Augmented Reality (AR) has and will have wide-ranging applications in consumer and industrial spaces, e.g. Maintenance is important in the manufacturing industry. It directly influences performance, productivity, and product quality. Maintenance processes are constantly being improved upon and can be taken to new heights with advances in AR. Augmented Reality allows users to enhance their field of view with real-time superimposed digital information.

Southwest Airlines Plans Maintenance Facility at BWI

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The Hogan administration says the project is expected to create 450 construction and maintenance jobs over the next three years and support hundreds of additional maintenance jobs over the next two decades. It's expected to cost $130 million, with $80 million coming from Southwest to build it and $50 million from the Maryland Aviation Administration for infrastructure.

Smoother Flights When AI Runs the Show - Industries Blog


Korean Air's fleet of 139 passenger planes carries millions of passengers across the globe every year. Ensuring each plane is safe and well-maintained is a priority. When Korean Air addressed line maintenance issues with its fleet, its team of 2,000-plus maintenance employees has historically had to pore over troves of maintenance records to find crucial data on everything from how to fix an important plane part to a plane's maintenance history. "Maintenance issues represent a substantial cost to an airline--to the tune of 28 percent of the total operating cost," said Rob Ranieri, Vice President and Partner, Global Industry Offering Leader, Travel and Transportation at IBM. To remedy this tedious and costly practice, Korean Air recently enlisted IBM Watson Explorer to compile and analyze data from various sources, including technician notes, material cost data and in-flight incident history.

Predictive maintenance in industry 4.0: applications and advantages -


Machines play a huge role in our lives, including the machines we use every day, but without maintenance, every machine will eventually break down. Companies follow various maintenance programs to increase operational reliability and reduce costs. Maintenance is the set of operations necessary to preserve the functionality and efficiency of an asset and can take place in response to a failure or as a previously planned action. According to research conducted by Deloitte, a non-optimized maintenance strategy can reduce the production capacity of an industrial plant by 5 to 20%. Recent studies also show that downtime costs industrial manufacturers about 45 billion euros a year.