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Alexander the Great Pulled From Macedonia Airport in Gesture

U.S. News

Passengers walk towards the airport building, as workers remove giant letters of the sign, reading in Macedonian, "Alexander the Great Airport", near Macedonia's capital Skopje, Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018.

Man steals San Diego airport shuttle with 8 people aboard, police say

Los Angeles Times

San Diego Airport workers took an unexpected detour Tuesday after a man commandeered a shuttle that runs between terminals and an off-site employee parking lot. The driver of the bus pulled over at a curbside pick-up area at San Diego International Airport's Terminal 2 and stepped off to hand off a piece of equipment to another shuttle driver that had pulled up behind him about 3:45 p.m., Harbor police said. The 46-year-old suspect from Arizona, who was already on the bus, got behind the wheel and drove off with eight airport employees on board, police said. The man headed eastbound on North Harbor Drive away from the airport, speeding and ignoring traffic signals, police said. When the shuttle reached a red light at Hawthorn Street, about 2 miles away from the airport, two passengers approached him.

It's official: Bob Hope Airport is now Hollywood Burbank Airport

Los Angeles Times

The airport on North Hollywood Way in Burbank has officially rebranded itself the Hollywood Burbank Airport, putting an end to the former title that paid tribute to the comedian and showman Bob Hope. Airport officials this week unveiled a new logo and the name Hollywood Burbank Airport, emblazoned on the terminal tower. For years, airport officials have said they believe travelers from the East Coast were not flying into the airport in Burbank because the name Bob Hope didn't identify its location, leading fliers to book flights to other airports in the region. "By telling passengers where we are, we're telling them all the great things our airport and our community have to offer," said Glendale City Councilmember Zareh Sinanyan, who sits on the airport authority board. The airport adopted the Bob Hope name in 2003 after being named the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport for 25 years.

A World-Class Airport for the End of the World

The Atlantic - Technology

Stocking up on supplies--water, batteries, food staples-- as tropical storm Gordon loomed over the Gulf, I was struck by a familiar sound in the sky as I loaded bags into my car: a bank of airliners forming a loose arc as they slanted down toward the airport, descending one at a time to land. While the city of New Orleans braced for the worst, life at the airport went on as usual. Gordon ended up missing us completely, having fizzled out after making landfall well east of the city. New Orleans is safe, for now, but hurricane season lingers on through November. And let's not even talk about 2019, when the storms could strengthen.

A delightful little raccoon is hanging out in the ceiling of the Toronto airport


Animals hanging out in airports are usually kept in carriers, sometimes held close on leashes. Rarely are they peering over your shoulder from a hole in the ceiling. People collecting their luggage at Toronto Pearson International Airport were greeted by an adorable little raccoon who had somehow managed to get up into the ceiling, CBC News Toronto reported. At Toronto Pearson Airport, we spotted this little fellow checking to see who had come off the flight from Edmonton. The lucky Canadians who were graced by the raccoon's presence reacted with some infectious Canadian joy and laughter once they saw the little mammal, which just makes the whole scene even better.