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Xiaomi takes on DJI with its ultra-cheap Mi Drone


The drone wars have begun. Xiaomi's first drones are here and are ultra cheap. Dubbed the Mi Drone, the company announced on Wednesday two models in 1080p and 4K. The Mi Drone 1080 will be crowdfunded in the Mi Home app beginning May 26. The Mi Drone 4K will be available to beta testers in July.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is a display-equipped fitness tracker for 23


Xiaomi, China's electronics manufacturer known for solid products with extremely low price tags, has launched a successor to its popular Mi Band fitness tracker: the Mi Band 2. The device is a pretty big departure from the original Mi Band. Unlike that model, the Mi Band 2 has an OLED display, but the price has also risen significantly: from 15 to 23. The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is a fitness, heart rate and sleep tracker. It sports an ADI accelerometer and an optical heart rate monitor, a 20-day battery (according to Xiaomi), and Bluetooth 4.0 support. Its 0.42-inch OLED screen is not a touchscreen, which is probably one of the secrets behind the Mi Band 2's low price.

This is what Xiaomi's first drone looks like


Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is getting into the drone business. The company sent out a teaser image for its upcoming drone last week. Ahead of its big unveil on May 25, Android Central has discovered a 20-second teaser video, which was posted to Youku, China's version of YouTube. Based on the short teaser video, we now know Xiaomi's sleek white drone will have four blades and a ball-shaped camera mounted on the underbelly of the drone that swivels. The drone is rumored to be able to shoot in 4K resolution.

Xiaomi's 450 4K Drone Could Challenge DJI's Dominance But Lack Of US Release Limits Impact

International Business Times

Xiaomi, the world's second-most-valuable startup, launched its first consumer drone on Wednesday and it didn't disappoint. The Mi Drone can capture 4K video, automatically avoids any obstacles and costs 300 less than the best-selling comparable product on the market. It seems like a sure-fire hit and a way for Xiaomi to recoup losses from slowing smartphone sales. The only problem is that Xiaomi's drone may never be seen outside China and the company's inability to scale globally continues to hinder growth. Consumer drones are arguably the first consumer electronics category where Chinese companies are defining the market and dominating sales.

Can Xiaomi dominate the drone market?


How does Xiaomi do it? The Chinese manufacturer's products are, however, like the worst kind of teases. Showing you all the good stuff, but keeping you -- if you live in the U.S. -- at arm's length, since the brand doesn't distribute many of its products here (though there are some). Will the new Mi Drone be different? Surely, the drone is Xiaomi's best trick yet.