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The impact of technology on graphic design


It's impossible to imagine a graphics design studio without computers and laptops equipped with the standard software like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc. today. In fact, many graphic designers use a variety of additional tools for refining and editing their works to meet the requirements of their clients. It's safe to say that technology has had a huge impact on this creative industry. However, to truly understand it's true significance, we have to take a look at the industry during the pre-tech era. It goes without saying that a lot of labor went into creating graphic designs in the past.

Real-World Applications of AI in Design


AI is quickly becoming mainstream in many industries, including graphic design. The technology is making the designers giddy with excitement because AI can make the designing process so much faster and easier but -- it's also scary at the same time because we've seen what AI systems are capable of. One of the earliest examples of AI entering the graphic design industry is The Grid, a website which creates modern-looking websites for customers in minutes. Users just need to upload the content and using AI, the Grid will begin setting up the website. The website was launched in 2015.

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There is no denying that artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest technologies of the current generation. It holds tremendous potential in domains like healthcare, education, manufacturing, etc. However, to everyone's surprise, AI has also found an application in the creative arena. For instance, mobile app developers are using AI to design a better mobile app user experience. There is also a wide range of graphic design software that leverage AI for creating complex designs.

Top AI Tools for Amazing Graphic Design


This term has been used by many businesses across all industries for several years. Artificial intelligence has the greatest advantage of reducing the time it takes to complete a task. This is an enormous advantage for many businesses. We all know that time is money. The AI-enabled software can learn the patterns and workflows of the most common tasks and take over repetitive tasks that might be tedious or boring for manual workers.

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