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2016 Machine Learning for Fraud Ebook


As ecommerce evolves into delivery models with real-time fulfillment and digital downloads, the response time to respond to fraud attacks is shrinking fast. Fraud attacks are more sophisticated – as technology evolves fraudsters have elevated their game on payment fraud.

Twenty Percent of Seafood Is Mislabeled

Mother Jones

For more on how fishermen are using tech to fight back against fish fraud, read this piece and listen to our Bite episode "Fishy Business" here.

Couple Sentenced for Tax Fraud, MaineCare Fraud

U.S. News

The U.S. Attorney's Office says 60-year-old Robert Zuschlag and 55-year-old Kristen Zuschlag were ordered to pay $302,000 in restitution to MaineCare and $93,000 to the Internal Revenue Service during Thursday's sentencing in Portland. The Bangor Daily News reports Robert Zuschlag has been sentenced to serve 30 months in federal prison while his wife will serve three years of probation.

Goodbye and good riddance to Trump's fraudulent voter fraud commission

Los Angeles Times

Good riddance to the failed Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. President Trump disbanded the panel late Wednesday, less than eight months after bringing it to life and with little to show for its efforts other than a spate of lawsuits. The dissolution was an appropriately ignoble ending to a partisan commission that was built on a faulty premise and bungled just about everything it did.

Rules vs Scores: keeping fraud simple with Machine Learning The Paypers


What other products/services can I offer my customers? What would make their shopping experience even greater? How can we protect the business from fraud and make sure it doesn't interfere with the shopping journey? In an ideal world, consumer preferences would be the only concern for merchants. However, in reality, fraud takes first place in every ecommerce operator's mind.