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Q4 Activism Alarm: New algorithm empowers corporate and institutional investors to predict activist trading


We've got some big news. Today we've released new research on a predictive analytics model that helps to forecast and recognize activist trading. For IR teams, this means having unprecedented access to real-time data that empowers them to be proactive. It means that real-time trade monitoring is now available to scan for potential activist movements in their stock, so they can form a plan of action. Getting ahead of activist trading has just gotten easier -- and taking important steps to securing defensive measures at the management and board level can happen sooner.

Learn how to trade on Wall Street and crypto markets for $30


The only people who could actively trade in the stock market, before the internet, were individuals who worked for large financial institutions, trading houses and brokerages. Alongside day trading, the practice of purchasing and selling securities within a single day in any marketplace, people with an internet connection and ambition have the opportunity to dive into the newer world of cryptocurrency trading. Right now, you can save hundreds on The Complete Wall Street and Cryptocurrency Trading Bootcamp, featuring 10 in-depth courses and 19 hours of expert-led video training that teaches you the fundamentals of day trading, cryptocurrency, foreign exchange (forex), technical analysis and more.

Stock Trading Momentum Based Strategies1- Technical Analysis


In this course we will discuss multiple momentum oscillator, which measures both the speed as well as the rise or fall of price movements of a stocks. Relative Strength Index (or RSI), Stoch, William %R, TSI & MFL are one of the top Technical Analysis Indicator. In this Course these technical indicators are not only shown as merely a indicator but a Complete System for trading. RSI, Stoch, William %R, TSI & MFL is used by professional to identify the trend, Selling or Buying conditions through Reversal, divergences or simple Buy and sell techniques. This perfectly designed course will enable the participants to gain a thorough knowledge on the basics of RSI, Stoch, William %R, TSI & MFL indicator.

Classification-based machine learning for trading in R


Learn the complete quant trading workflow and use machine learning algortihms to develop good trading strategies. The course is designed to fully immerse you into the complete quantitative trading workflow, going from hypothesis generation to data preparation, feature engineering and training testing of multiple machine learning algorithms (backtesting). It is a bootcamp designed to get you from zero to hero. The course is aimed at teaching about trading, giving you understanding of the differences between discretionary and quantitative trading. You will learning about different trading instruments/products or also known as asset classes.

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TL;DR: Learn how to trade and understand the stock market with the Complete Wall Street and Cryptocurrency Trading Bootcamp, on sale for $30 as of Oct. 22. Getting into cryptocurrency and trading might seem daunting, but these paths can actually be quite accessible. In fact, you can sign up for this Complete Wall Street and Cryptocurrency Trading Bootcamp for just $30 and start your hustle after just 19 hours of training. Through 10 courses on day trading, Forex, technical analysis, cryptocurrency, swing trading, and more, you'll get a complete overview of all aspects of trading and investing. The bootcamp is ideal for newbies, as it tackles each kind of trading from the ground up.