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Licences go digital in New South Wales


The New South Wales government has now made the first wave of its digital licences available through the new "My Licences" digital wallet in the latest version of the Service NSW app. Minister for Finance, Services and Property Dominic Perrottet said the launch marked a leap in government technology, and has paved the way for digital driver licences to come into effect by 2019. "NSW is leading the nation in government technology, and the number one reason is that we are determined to offer the best services to make life easier for the people of NSW," Perrottet said. Within the updated Service NSW app, citizens can renew their licence and update their details without needing to visit a Service NSW centre. Perrottet initially announced that the state would begin the distribution of digital licences last November, and highlighted that each year in NSW, more than 23 million licences covering more than 750 different licence types are issued -- including 2.8 million plastic cards.

Technology that dehumanised communications can now rehumanise it: Twilio


Communication is broken, according to Twilio's VP of Product Management Patrick Malatack, who thinks the root of the problem is that businesses are overlooking the fact that their customers are human. Speaking at StartCon in Sydney, Malatack said there's a belief among businesses that personalised communication experiences are not scalable, that you can't humanise communications and serve a wide customer base at the same time. The same technology that created a lot of this inhumanity for us is now actually enabling us to build more human experiences," he said. The chatbot wave that hit Silicon Valley, Malatack said, is all about humanising customer communications by merging artificial intelligence and programmable communications and creating a single customer interaction point. "I always joke that Twilio was into bots before bots were cool," Malatack said, pointing out that Twilio, a cloud communications company, has been around for almost a decade.

Why We Need a People-First Artificial Intelligence Strategy


With more access to data and growing computing power, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly powerful. But for it to be effective and meaningful, we must embrace people-first artificial intelligence strategies, according to Soumitra Dutta, professor of operations, technology, and information management at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business. "There has to be a human agency-first kind of principle that lets people feel empowered about how to make decisions and how to use AI systems to support their decision-making," notes Dutta. Knowledge@Wharton interviewed him at a recent conference on artificial intelligence and machine learning in the financial industry, organized in New York City by the SWIFT Institute in collaboration with Cornell's SC Johnson College of Business. In this conversation, Dutta discusses some myths around AI, what it means to have a people-first artificial intelligence strategy, why it is important, and how we can overcome the challenges in realizing this vision. An edited transcript of the conversation follows. Knowledge@Wharton: What are some of the biggest myths about AI, especially as they relate to financial services?

CMO playbook: How Pinterest uses data to create great customer experiences


Because customer experience is genuinely important, it has become one of the great buzzwords of our time. Along with stalwart mediaspeak terms like digital transformation and artificial intelligence, customer experience occupies a hallowed place in the modern jargon hall of fame. Creating a great experience is dang hard because it demands that we rethink all the touchpoints and interactions a customer has with our company, brand, reputation, products, and services. Although we can control some of these interaction points - for example, the products we release - we can only influence other factors, such as brand reputation or how customers talk about us. However, despite the difficulty, creating positive customer experiences is superlatively important for every business today. For this reason, I invited a major customer experience practitioner to be a guest on episode 290 of the CXOTalk series of conversations with the world's top innovators.

Watch: Python Strangles Forest Ranger After He Poses For Selfie With Snake

International Business Times

An Indian forest ranger wrapped a 90-pound python around his shoulders in order to take a selfie with the mammoth reptile. Moments later, his staff was seen rushing to his side in order to keep the snake from crushing his neck. The ranger's near-death experience was caught on video, which quickly went viral. The ranger in question was Sanjay Dutta, who was called to the village of Sahebbari, West Bengal, on Sunday to catch the Indian rock python after it swallowed a goat alive near a local school. While Dutta managed to capture the 30-foot-long snake, he proceeded to wrap it around his shoulder before posing for a selfie, instead of putting it safely inside a bag, ready to be carried away from civilization.