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Disney will pull movies from Netflix and offer a streaming service

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Disney said today it has created a new unit for its streaming video and international businesses as the company retools its traditional media operation for a world rapidly embracing online video. Kevin Mayer, the company's chief strategy officer, was named chairman of the new division, which will oversee the upcoming ESPN digital offering and the launch of a family-oriented streaming service in late 2019, Disney said. The new Disney streaming service will put the firm in direct competition with Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and others. The move, effective immediately, comes as Disney is in the process of purchasing film, TV and international businesses from Twenty-First Century Fox. Regulators are reviewing the deal, which has been complicated by Comcast's offer for one of the assets, Britain's Sky Plc.

Frozen for the wrong reasons: Disney launch is off to a bumpy start

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Did Disney leave "Wreck-It Ralph" in charge? The launch of Walt Disney's ambitious and highly anticipated new Disney streaming service on Tuesday is off to a bumpy start, tangled in a series of problems, from sign-on difficulties and error messages to screens that were left, um, frozen. Perhaps Ralph did break the Internet. Subscribers eager to check out the debut of "The Mandalorian," the first "Star Wars" live-action TV series and one of the would-be crown jewels of the new service, may think so. They're finding that a reliable streaming galaxy is, indeed, still far, far away.

The 7 big unknowns with Disney's streaming service plans


After going through several stages of grief for its traditional TV business--denial and bargaining among them--Disney has reached acceptance. On Tuesday, the media giant announced an early 2018 launch for a standalone ESPN streaming service, along with another service for Disney content coming in 2019. In a press release, Disney said the news marks "an entirely new strategy" for the company, in which it cuts out the middleman and distributes video directly to consumers. The ESPN service will be more ambitious than what the network originally planned to launch in late 2016, with coverage from Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, the National Hockey League, Grand Slam Tennis, and college sports. It won't include sports coverage from ESPN's cable channel, such as NBA games and Monday Night Football.

Disney's streaming service to take on Netflix will include its 'ENTIRE motion picture library'

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Disney's upcoming streaming service is set to include the media giant's entire collection of films. CEO Bob Iger revealed that the service, called Disney, will eventually include'the entire Disney motion picture library,' according to Polygon. The move also means the iconic'Disney Vault' will come to an end as a result of the rise of the digital age. Disney's upcoming streaming service, called Disney, will include the firm's'entire motion picture library.' The Disney Vault was a marketing trick by the firm wherein it would put some VHS and DVD releases of its animated features on moratorium for a certain amount of time.