Real Estate Data And Analytics Company Cherre Raises $16 Million


New York-based Cherre real estate data and analytics platform announced it has raised $16 million in growth funding. Including this round of funding, Cherre has raised a total of $25 million. Intel Capital led the funding round. Navitas Capital, Carthona Capital, Zigg Capital, Dreamit Ventures, and Silicon Valley Bank (new growth debt relationship) also participated in the round. Cherre's artificial intelligence platform empowers large enterprises, insurance companies, banks, and investors with a platform to instantly collect, augment, resolve, and analyze datasets in real-time from hundreds of thousands of public, private, and internal sources.

Last Week in AI


Every week, Invector Labs publishes a newsletter that covers the most recent developments in AI research and technology. You can find this week's issue below. You can sign up for it below. Adversarial attacks are a common mechanism to evaluate the robustness of neural networks. Conceptually, adversarial attacks use neural networks to create data samples that disrupt the learning process of other neural networks.

5 AI Fintech Companies That You Should Know


The article was written by Amber Zhou, a Financial Analyst at I Know First. Artificial Intelligence (AI), was once the domain of fanciful science fiction books and films. But now the drive to eliminate human fallibility makes the technology stormily take the world across all industries, from self-driving cars to virtual assistants like Siri. Companies are significantly benefited from the cost saving from a variety of automated processes. Now programmers and data scientists are setting their sights on financial services.

14 Boston Fintech Startups to Watch


Over the past few years, Boston has undoubtedly become an emerging hub for financial technology companies. But since then, in the last five years, we started to see a resurgence," Shereen Shermak, a local angel investor and venture capitalist, told BostInno for Monday's State of Fintech report. There are a number of things feeding into Boston's fintech scene, including large financial institutions such as Fidelity Investments, State Street and MassMutual, as well as a few big exits, including Samsung's $250 million acquisition of LoopPay and PayPal's $280 million purchase of Paydiant. There are also emerging technologies fueling Boston fintech, like machine learning and blockchain. While many Boston fintech startups are focused on the enterprise side, there are a number of companies that are consumer-oriented, including Circle, Insurify, Quilt and RateGravity.

This Real Estate Startup Is Exploiting Zillow And Airbnb's Blind Spot

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Revestor is a real estate search engine that lets users run investment calculations over live listings. The evident dominance of Airbnb and Zillow has transformed the way residential real estate is discovered, managed, and rented. More specifically, the swift rise of these digital platforms marks a paradigm shift, asserting that the top real estate enterprises of the future will be disruptive tech companies. Airbnb currently lists over 2.3 million homes, averaging more than 500,000 nightly stays across 65,000 cities. In 2016, the home-sharing giant snatched headlines after raising over $555 million from Google Capital and Technology Crossover Ventures, in pursuit of a reported $850 million round, raising the company's valuation to $30 billion.