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Warren Plans Iowa Trip in Another Step Toward 2020 Campaign

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Warren was been a favorite target of Trump, who frequently calls her "Pocahontas" -- a reference to Warren's claims of Native American heritage. The test indicated that Warren likely had Native American in her bloodline, though the ancestor probably lived six to 10 generations ago. Some critics complained that the genetic analysis cheapened the identities of tribal members with deeper ties.

Elizabeth Warren shares sweet story of when she proposed to her husband


Senator Elizabeth Warren, in honor of her anniversary with her husband, Bruce Mann, shared the sweet story on Facebook yesterday about how she proposed to him 36 years ago. The proposal surprised both Warren and Mann. It was after one of Mann's university lectures that Warren just up and proposed. "When class was over and the students had cleared out, he came up to me and asked, somewhat hesitantly, "Uh, what did you think?" After the initial surprise wore off, Mann simply said "OK," and as Warren wrote, "to make sure the deal was sealed, I smiled and said, "Good.

Watch Elizabeth Warren save Samantha Bee from falling into an abyss of despair


Senator Elizabeth Warren may #persist, but the rest of us are ready to give up ASAP, thanks. Still, the senator did her best to keep Samantha Bee sane on Full Frontal. And with a little coaching, together they walked away from the "ledge of the death of democracy." Watch and experience a passing pang of hope. Here's why a breakup feels like a physical punch in the gut

27 years later, arrest is made in killer-clown case

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – On a May morning in 1990, Marlene Warren answered her front door in an upscale Florida suburb to find a clown in an orange wig, red nose and white face paint handing her carnations and foil balloons. The clown then pulled a gun, shot Warren in the face and drove away. She died two days later. Now, almost three decades later, authorities say they have arrested the clown: a woman who, years after the killing, married Warren's husband. Detectives said advances in DNA technology, combined with evidence gathered decades ago, show Sheila Keen Warren, now 54, was the killer.