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Best online information technology doctorate 2021: Top picks


Are you a professional in the information technology or computer services industries? If you are looking for a degree that can send you to the forefront of your field, consider earning an information technology doctorate. This highly specialized doctoral degree is available online at accredited schools nationwide and can boost your computer and information systems-related career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that computer and information systems managers can anticipate an 11% growth in employment from 2020-2030. A doctoral degree will equip you with the knowledge to evolve with these dynamic changes in computer and telecommunications systems.

Best online doctorate in sports management 2021: Top picks


Sports management focuses on sport and recreation from a business perspective. Students study public perceptions of sport, sport culture, and how to optimize earnings and communications both on and off the field. Earning a doctorate in sports management provides learners with the skills to rise to the top of the sports management field. Sports management professionals work in interscholastic and intercollegiate athletics, professional sport organizations, and at health, fitness, and recreation facilities. With sports and recreation an important part of our daily lives, sports management professionals thrive as coaches, personal managers and agents, and educators.

Ritsumeikan student said to be oldest to secure doctorate, at 88, was preceded by 95-year-old Kyoto scholar

The Japan Times

KYOTO – Ritsumeikan University said an 88-year-old visiting researcher who was conferred a doctorate by the university on Saturday was not the oldest person in Japan to have been awarded the degree. A spokesperson at the Kyoto-based university said Monday that the institution had contacted the education ministry to ask whether Kiyoko Ozeki would be the oldest to receive the honor, but did not get a clear answer. The university conducted its own research via the internet and found no cases of older persons having obtained a doctorate, according to the spokesperson. However, the university conducted further research after receiving an email from someone outside the university and found that Yoshizo Kawamori, a scholar of French literature who was awarded the Order of Cultural Merit, was given a doctorate by Kyoto University at the age of 95 in 1997. The spokesperson admitted that the university's research had been insufficient and said that they will explain the situation to Ozeki.

Best online doctorate in management 2022: Top picks


Doctorate in management degrees can lead to high-paying, top-level positions as CEOs, chief technology officers, operations vice presidents, senior management, and university faculty and administrators. According to PayScale data from August 2021, the average base salary for management doctorate degree-holders is $121,000 per year. The BLS also projects a 9% increase in employment for general and operations managers. These professionals direct the business activities of companies, enterprises, and consulting firms. Explore our rankings to find out about earning a doctorate in management online.

Best online doctorate in business administration 2021: Top picks


The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that more than 750,000 new jobs for business and financial occupations will be added to the workforce between 2020 and 2030, along with over 900,000 new positions in the managerial field. The number of chief executive positions is also expected to grow as fast as the average for all occupations. For students earning a doctorate in business administration, this bodes well. Graduates with a DBA can teach at colleges and universities, thrive as top executives, or start their own businesses. This page ranks the top doctorate of business administration degrees to help you find the best program for your goals.