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Banks Must Confront Technological Competitors Large And Small


The once stable world of banking faces serious competitive threats from technology companies large and small. This is happening as the very notion of what consumers expect from a bank is changing. In order to overcome these challenges, traditional banks need to undergo a period of radical change. They'll have to adapt to a complex environment in which financial service providers have different backgrounds, strengths and operating models. A number of technology giants already offer services that challenge traditional financial service providers.

The Anti-Semitism Lurking in Dark Corners of the Cryptocurrency Community


On May 29, a tediously "mysterious" video appeared in the bowels of YouTube. It featured a man wearing dark glasses, a thick beard, and a low-brimmed cap. He is seated in front of a shabby-chic fireplace, on which rests a half-drained wine glass. He speaks in a thick, vaguely Eastern European accent, digitally manipulated into an almost incomprehensible growl as he delivers what he describes as a "confession." Four years ago [they] contacted me and offered me work as a financial adviser to the top manager and evangelist in a project which was ridden[?] by the largest family of businessmen … I was paid a lot of money for my silence, but I can't remain silent … Humble people will be deprived of their freedom.

How NVIDIA Could Dominate Machine Learning -- The Motley Fool


Most major technology companies are knee-deep in machine learning these days. Alphabet's (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google, Amazon, and Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) are just a few. Machine learning allows the tech companies' computers to learn information on their own that they weren't programmed to know. For example, Google uses its own TensorFlow machine learning systems for its Google Translate speech recognition app, Google Photos, Gmail, and its Web searches. And as these companies dive further into machine learning, they're building their own complex computers using graphics processing units (GPUs) to power them -- and that could be particularly beneficial for NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA).

The Evolving Role Of Information In High Speed Trading


It is said, that the bedrock of the wealth of the Rothschilds stemmed from their ability to build networks around Europe when other traders either did not or could not do so. During the battle of waterloo for example, it is said that Nathan Rothschild, knew the result of the war even before the British Parliament. This was due to the use of the carrier pigeon by the Rothschilds, which provided them with an opportunity to buy British bonds before the rest of the market. As British winning the battle would cause British bonds to raise in value. This story, which is most probably a myth, provides an important lesson; Information is king and the ability of receive and act on information, before anyone else, provides an opportunity for anyone to make a lot of money. This paper will discuss the evolution of information, how our ability to act on information has changed, and how our perception of the legality of information is evolving.