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Rochester Institute of Technology Joins LSST Corporation


Scientists are currently building the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST,, RIT recently joined the LSST Corporation (, a group of nearly 40 U.S. and Chilean institutional members focused on preparing the scientific community to use the new facility. Beginning in 2022, LSST will conduct a 10-year survey of the sky that will deliver a 60-petabyte set of images and a 15-petabyte data catalog to study some of the most pressing questions about the structure and evolution of the universe and objects within it. The survey is designed to probe dark energy and dark matter, take an inventory of the solar system, explore the transient optical sky and map the Milky Way. "Between now and when the survey starts, a big push in the astronomical community is getting ready for the onslaught of data LSST will produce," said Jeyhan Kartaltepe, assistant professor of physics and astronomy.

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Incredible Growth for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market by 2019-2026 Focusing on Leading Players Intel Corporation, Nvidia Corporation, Google, IBM Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, General Vision – IT Technology News24


AI in the healthcare field is the use of complex algorithms and software to evaluate human cognitive abilities when analyzing complex medical data. AI, in particular, is the ability of computer algorithms to approximate conclusions without direct human input. This market report is a thorough analysis of the existing situation and the anticipated condition for Global Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market. Investigation for gathering the content for this report is done in depth and meticulously. Present scenarios, past progress, global recognition and future prospects of the market is offered in this report.

How machine learning and sensors are helping farmers boost yields


Agriculture is always modernizing, but most farmers struggle to collect data that's useful--or to analyze it in useful ways. That's changing: emerging tools for data collection and analysis are helping boost yields and make farming more sustainable, according to Sam Eathington, chief science officer at the Climate Corporation. In the next five to 10 years, "we're going to see an explosion of sensors and collection of data from the farm," Eathington said during his talk at MIT Technology Review's EmTech conference today. The Climate Corporation--originally founded in 2006 by a pair of former Google employees and now owned by German chemical giant Bayer--has developed tools to gather information from a variety of sources, including sensors on farming equipment as well as in the field. The data from these disparate sensors is then analyzed in the cloud.