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Louisiana Catholic Hospitals Could Add Mississippi Hospital

U.S. News

"We want St. Dominic's to continue to serve Mississippi for generations yet to come, but our diminishing numbers cannot sustain our role as its sponsor," Sister M. Dorothea Sondgeroth, associate executive director of St. Dominic Health Services Foundation, said in a statement. "It has been a difficult decision, yet it's the right one for our organization and for our community because it will help St.

'Unsafe' A&E services halted in Stafford

BBC News

Children's accident and emergency services at a scandal-hit hospital have been suspended after senior staff said it was "not clinically safe". A shortage of staff with the right specialist training at Stafford's County Hospital had forced the closure to patients under 18, the trust said. The hospital was the subject of a public inquiry after hundreds of patients died amid "appalling" levels of care between 2005 to 2008. Robert Francis QC, who led the public inquiry, made 290 recommendations calling for "fundamental change". Some patients were left "sobbing and humiliated" due to mistreatment by staff, the inquiry heard.

Feds: South Dakota Reservation Hospital Could Lose Funding

U.S. News

The notice comes more than two years after the hospital was cited for similar shortcomings that forced the temporary closures of the emergency room and other departments. The hospital has since closed down its surgical and obstetrics and gynecology units.

Hands-on: Two Point Hospital brings Theme Hospital's spirit into the modern era


It's a miracle Theme Hospital was made. It's a miracle Theme Hospital holds up. It's a miracle Theme Hospital, 20 years after release, is still spoken of with a reverence reserved for a few elite games. A simulator from that era in the '90s where seemingly everything was primed for simulation, Theme Hospital's mandate of "Build and manage a hospital" doesn't sound like a great time. And yet it was, and continues to be.

The Latest: Missing Mother Found Dead at SF Hospital

U.S. News

Five years ago, the body of a missing patient was found in a stairwell at the same hospital, more than two weeks after disappearing from her room. An autopsy determined that 57-year-old Lynne Spalding had been dead for several days.