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A Database of 800 Analytics Companies


In a prior post I outlined some thoughts on the outlook for the data analytics sector and referenced a database I prepared of analytics companies. At the time the list comprised about 400 names categorized into a number of sectors and segments. I've continued to update the list since that time and it now comprises about 800 companies. It can be referenced via logging in at my website. How has the list changed?

Top 10 Big Data Analytics Tools For Successful Data Analytics Developers


The importance of data in today's business is difficult to overstate because no meaningful decision can be made without the analysis of relevant data. The data analysis not only drives the decision making but also takes an active part in developing strategies and methods that ensure the existence and success of organizations. Nowadays, a new term for referring to business intelligence was coined: "big data." This name also makes a good sense because since the times of "business intelligence" the volumes of data became incredibly large. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top ten big data tools that are used by successful analytics developers.

MBS Academy


"The'applied data analytics in RCA' was my first training with the UAE IAA, it was well structured and informative. The course content will definitely be of good use for me and my team here at SCAA as we are exploring ways to a more modern and more efficient ways to improve our internal audit service. The basics is what we will start with as suggested by you during the course. As the course instructor you were very relaxed and answered all our questions and thank you for answering all my doubts, your help were very much appreciated. Despite not all of us had access to the databases on the computers, I believed we all had a view of how the data analytics on the databases you provided works. I will definitely consider more courses for my myself and my team with the institute in the future"

Analytics Best Practices Book


This book provides ten key analytics best practices that will improve the odds of delivering enterprise data analytics solutions successfully. It is intended for anyone who has a stake and interest in deriving insights from data analytics.

Teradata expands database, consolidates analytics across clouds


Teradata on Monday revealed its plans to break down the borders between multi-system, multi-technology analytics environments. The efforts center around two initiatives -- Borderless Analytics and Teradata Everywhere -- that Teradata says will create a single analytic organism on both public and private clouds.