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How AI is spinning the game of Content Marketing: Get ready for the future


Gone are the days when AI was just extravagant, and marketers used to collect basic demographic information from customers to create a content marketing strategy. In the past few years, there has been a massive change in the way that businesses approach and engage with their customers. Digital media, especially the role of AI, has spread so far and wide that it has practically taken over everyone's daily lives and has a lasting influence on everything we do. Thus, the traditional marketing methods that were effective a few years ago do not produce the same kind of results today. The potential of AI is so enormous that it has impacted every industry, including finance, research, customer support, content marketing, telecommunications, education, and more.

Artificial Intelligence And Its Use In Marketing


There is no doubt that today we have embarked on the path of technologies that will perform many tasks the accomplishment of which, for now, requires the human brain. Companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe are investing heavily in technologies that automate and anticipate business and domestic activities. At the head of the list of the most important users of artificial intelligence, we find unsurprisingly social networks, search engines, and SaaS. Far beyond targeted advertising, technology has enabled structures of all sizes to expand their customer base on an international scale. Changes in purchasing behavior and the multitude of contact channels have exploded the volume of data available to brands.

15 Applications of AI and Machine Learning in Financial Marketing


AI and machine learning are making the customer experience more personalized and contextual than ever before. Banks and credit unions are using advanced technology to make websites, emails, digital advertising, social media and other content more efficient and effective. This is increasing marketing ROI as well as customer satisfaction. Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!There is a great deal of discussion of the potential value of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics in banking. Unfortunately, much of the implementation of these technologies lags the potential by a significant margin.

157 Artificial Intelligence Platforms to Help You Grow Your Business 60 Second Marketer @AskJamieTurner


The odds are pretty good that you're using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) more often than you realize. After all, every time you do a Google search (like the one that probably brought you here), you're using software that has Artificial Intelligence ingrained in its DNA.

AI is Transforming Digital Marketing Landscape in 2020 - The Next Scoop


Understanding text, images, and sounds is not a uniquely human prerogative anymore. Artificial intelligence is transforming virtually every business. AI's ability to derive data-driven insights is paving the road to better digital marketing. From the vast data analysis, marketers gain valuable consumer insights and change how they connect brands with their audiences. Why artificial intelligence cannot be separated from digital marketing anymore?