Intertec International Applied Machine Learning Developer Job in San Francisco


Internal Applied RandD • Applied Machine Learning Platform development at the early stage • Development: multiple sensors, camera and audio data collection tools, time-series and multi-modal data analytics tools •Minimum • Good knowledge of data science (Machine Learning, statistics, data engineering) • Software Engineering Skill (language: Python, SQL, etc.) • 2 years' experience in Machine Learning related application with the focus on time-series data.

Will AI eat the fund manager's job in India? AccuraCap shows it will


Hedge fund Renaissance Technologies is looked upon by Wall Street with awe and envy in equal measure. Particularly, Medallion Fund, an employees only fund it runs. Bloomberg last year wrote the fund has returned more than $55 billion, making it more profitable than funds run by feted veterans such as George Soros. The Renaissance flagship fund, which will turn 30 next year, has returned more than 25% profits in most of its years of investing. Money doubles in a little more than three years at that rate.

Upcoming Meetings in AI, Analytics, Big Data, Data Science, Deep Learning, Machine Learning: January and Beyond


Here are 90 upcoming meetings and conferences, for January 2018 and beyond. You can also find the latest list on KDnuggets Meetings page Most popular topics: AI/Artificial Intelligence, 23 top countries: top cities: Toronto, Stockholm: 4 Color code: Business-Oriented meetings in Blue, Research meetings (with calls for papers and program committee) in green January 2018 Americas: Jan 17-19, BAFI 2018: 3rd Conf. on Business Analytics in Finance and Industry. Use code KDNUGGETS to save. Feb 8, AI Evolution brings together experts, developers, technologists, and business leaders. Feb 11-16, TDWI, 4 core learning tracks on Business Analytics & BI / Data Science / Data Management/ Data Strategy.

Goodbye Age of Hadoop – Hello Cambrian Explosion of Deep Learning


Summary: Some observations about new major trends and directions in data science drawn from the Strata Hadoop conference in San Jose last week. This is always exciting, enervating, and exhausting but it remains the single best place to pick up on what's changing in our profession. This conference is on a world tour with four more stops before repeating next year. The New York show is supposed to be a little bigger (hard to imagine) but the San Jose show is closest to our intellectual birthplace. After all this is the place where to call yourself a nerd would be regarded as a humble brag.

The 'Fintech' Approach To Data Science And Machine Learning


Within the silos of incumbent financial services, so-called fintech companies are good at picking off one thing only and doing it well. This approach is also taken within data science, where a lot of the properly intelligent work is about understanding the domain (problem) and how best to use the information/data for the problem you have. In doing so, a fintech approach – collaboration, open-sourcing code – is helping to gradually change the culture of finance, even in some hitherto heavily guarded domains. Newsweek is hosting an AI and Data Science in Capital Markets conference on December 6-7 in New York. Dr Tristan Fletcher, research director, Thought Machine, said: "Without this specialisation and domain knowledge, it's very hard to rise above the noise.