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US Poised to Announce Withdrawal From Nuclear Arms Treaty

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in early December that Washington would give Moscow 60 days to return to compliance before it gave formal notice of withdrawal, with actual withdrawal taking place six months later. The 60-day deadline expires on Saturday, and the administration is expected to say as early as Friday that efforts to work out a compliance deal have failed and that it would suspend its compliance with the treaty's terms.

EU Will Not Reopen Brexit Withdrawal Agreement: Diplomat

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"We will not reopen the Withdrawal Agreement. So it may be about semantics of what'reopening' means. If things go toward more declarations, assurances or statements -- we can do that. But if she really wants to reopen the whole thing, then it's a'no'," the diplomat, who is involved in the Brexit talks, said on condition of anonymity.

Britain Still Wants to Reopen Withdrawal Agreement With EU: PM May's Spokesman

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LONDON (Reuters) - Britain still wants to reopen the withdrawal agreement it negotiated with the European Union to provide legal assurances over the Irish border, a spokesman for Prime Minister Theresa May said on Monday.

Irish PM Sees 'Real Risk' No Brexit Withdrawal Deal by October Deadline

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DUBLIN (Reuters) - Ireland's prime minister on Wednesday warned there was a real risk that the European Union would fail to reach a withdrawal deal with Britain by an October deadline unless meaningful progress is made by a June EU summit.

UK's Brexit Withdrawal Bill to Be Debated From December 4

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The EU Withdrawal Bill, which faces much opposition in parliament, aims to sever political, financial and legal ties with the bloc and "copy and paste" many European rules and regulations into British law after the country leaves the European Union.