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Prosecutor: El Chapo Feared Prosecution on US Soil

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Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman was portrayed Wednesday in closing arguments at his U.S. trial as a ruthless Mexican drug lord who also became skilled at evading capture and escaping prison because he feared facing justice on American soil.

Prosecution Plans Upcoming in Nevada Killings of 4 People

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FILE - In this Thursday, Jan. 24, 2019 file photo Wilber Ernesto Martinez-Guzman, of El Salvador, listens to his public defender and interpreter during his initial appearance in Carson City Justice Court, in Carson City, Nev. Nevada prosecutors are set to announce their plans for the prosecution of Martinez-Guzman an El Salvadoran immigrant identified as the prime suspect in four killings. Martinez-Guzman has been jailed since his arrest more than a week ago. He was charged Thursday with possessing weapons and selling jewelry belonging to several victims. Prosecutors say they'll announce their prosecution plans at a news conference on Monday, Jan. 28.

Immigration violations are majority of federal cases for first time

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For the first time, immigration violations now make up more than half of all federal prosecutions, easily outpacing drugs, fraud, organized crime, weapons charges and other crimes. In the last fiscal year, 52 percent of all federal prosecutions - 69,636 cases - involved an immigration violation, compared to 63,405 prosecutions for all other federal crimes, according to a new study by Syracuse University's Transactional Records Clearinghouse, which sued the Justice Department to obtain the information. "Imagine the other crimes that are not being prosecuted because immigration is such a priority," study co-author Susan Long told Fox News. The two most common charges pursued by prosecutors relate to illegal entry or re-entry to the U.S. The penalty for a conviction on either charge can range from a few months to typically two years in federal prison for a person who re-enters the U.S. after being deported. "The worst consequence isn't that you go to jail for six months, but you are legallly barred from entering the U.S. for a decade," said Peter Nunez, a former U.S. Attorney for San Diego.

RSPCA should be stripped of prosecution powers, say MPs

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There was an 850% increase from Lithuania and a 761% rise from Hungary in the same period. The committee recommended the government increase spot checks at entry points into the UK and that the age at which dogs can be brought in to the UK should be increased from 15 weeks to six months in order to reduce their commercial value to smugglers.

Director of public prosecutions Alison Saunders to stand down

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The director of public prosecutions is to stand down at the end of her five-year contract, the government has said. Alison Saunders will leave the Crown Prosecution Service in October. While at the CPS she oversaw justice finally being served in the long-running case of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence. But in recent months she has faced criticism after several rape trials collapsed due to evidence not being disclosed. Attorney General Jeremy Wright announced her resignation on Sunday evening and said recruitment for Mrs Saunders' successor will begin later this month.