York U engineering research uses AI to predict flood risk in real-time York Media Relations


Research models use data from Toronto's Don River and Calgary's Bow River TORONTO, November 11, 2019 – Using complex models based on artificial intelligence (AI) and data from the Don River in Toronto and Bow River in Calgary, researchers at the Lassonde School of Engineering can now predict the water levels in rivers days in advance of floods. "We've created methods to predict real-time flood risk," says Usman T. Khan, professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at York's Lassonde School of Engineering. "These results outline an approach that can be used to create models with higher accuracy and lower data requirements, which translates to improved flood early warning systems. Early warning systems are considered the most effective way to mitigate flood induced hazards." The study, led by Khan, was published today in the Journal of Hydrology.

Solving Airport Security Through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


In the busy weeks leading up to RSA this year, I was taking a rare break to drive my daughter to the airport. She was flying back to school to continue her 2nd year at University of Toronto (shout out to all of my Canadian peeps!). Btw, if you've not seen "Stronger Beer" highly recommended. Anyway, my daughter asked me an intriguing question on the ride to LAX. She said, "Last time I got caught in a random search… do you think the TSA finds anything doing that…" Great question, and my answer was "No" it's a horrible way to search people.

Security guard held hostage at Quebec jail freed after standoff

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Two prison inmates in eastern Quebec were arrested Wednesday after they took a female security guard hostage, prompting the evacuation of a courthouse and an hours-long standoff with police. Authorities said the unidentified guard was uninjured in the altercation. CBC News reported that the incident began when police were called to the courthouse in Sept-Iles at around 3 p.m. local time. The facility, which houses the jail in the basement and the town's courts on the main floors, was evacuated and a security perimeter was established. Radio-Canada reported a man in handcuffs was seen being taken out of the jail at around 6:30 p.m local time.

Inadequate Data Security Practices Come with Serious Financial Consequences for Canadian Businesses


Over one-third of Canadian consumers have experienced the consequences of a security breach or hack, according to newly released research conducted by secure payments provider to contact centers, PCI Pal. The findings suggest that a combination of recent high-profile breaches, media coverage of new data privacy regulations such as GDPR and Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, and personal experience have made security a top concern for Canadian consumers. "As data breaches become increasingly common, Canadian consumers are realizing that their personal data is at the mercy of the organizations they shop with. As a result, attitudes toward data security are changing significantly, with a majority of consumers now reporting a company's security practices directly influence their spending habits," says James Barham, CEO, PCI Pal. The research found that 78 percent of consumers will stop spending with a business following a data breach, with 58 percent reporting that they would avoid a company that's been hacked for several months, and a fifth saying they would never return.

MONTRÉAL.AI Montréal Artificial Intelligence - MONTRÉAL.AI


On October 25, 2018, the first artificial intelligence artwork ever sold at Christie's auction house shattered expectations, fetching $432,500. Today, the House of Montréal.AI Fine Arts introduces: Montréal.AI's Fine Arts Auction, the first international auction dedicated to quintessential fine AI arts. "The Artists Creating with AI Won't Follow Trends; THEY WILL SET THEM." -- Montréal.AI Fine Arts We are getting ready for the first auction. Top art collectors will be able to place bids internationally. On Tue, Nov 26, 2019 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM EST, the General Secretariat of MONTREAL.AI will present, with authority: "Artificial Intelligence 101: The First World-Class Overview of AI for the General Public".