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How startups are leveraging deep tech knowledge to power ahead


Geeta Manjunath turned entrepreneur in the backdrop of a tragedy. In 2017, a cousin she was really close to succumbed to breast cancer at a relatively young age. Breast cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer in women and the second most common worldwide. Gopinath, who has a PhD in computer science from the Indian Institute of Science, applied her scientific mind to the issue. Ubiquitous screening and early detection vastly reduces fatality from cancer.

Here are 3 lessons Europe can learn from China's flourishing start-ups


When I moved to China in 2014 to start my company, the country was still in the slow process of opening up its massive economy and developing its major foreign policy initiative, One Belt One Road. This aims to open up the economy by reviving the old Silk Road trade route, connecting Europe and China by land and sea, at a cost of $4-8 trillion. The impact of China's opening and development can be felt in every industry, especially the start-up and venture capital sectors. In 2014, only two of the world's top 20 internet companies were from China. Today, that number has jumped to nine.

Can incubators and accelerators of all stripes help Indian startups achieve escape velocity?


In 2013, Khadim Batti, 41, was a small entrepreneur staring at a big problem. He and a colleague from Huawei, Vara Kumar Namburu, had founded Whatfix, a startup that helped enterprises build and improve product usage for customers. Using clever and interactive walkthroughs, their solution was able to improve adoption and usage significantly. "We saw a big market in the US," says Batti. But for the first-generation cofounders with little exposure to the US, cracking that market proved a challenge. "We had no idea how to get there," he says.

EU Investment Programs in AI and Blockchain


Source: Capital IQ; Pitchbook; Deallogic; S&P; McKinsey Global Institute "Overall Europe is behind in private investments in Artificial Intelligence" AI strategy for Europe* * COM(2018)/237 Total VC Investments in Blockchain (2010-2018) • North America: $5,1 billion (Canada: $623 Mill.) • China: $1.5 billion • Europe: $1,2 billion (CH:$414 Mill.&

European/Israeli Venture Capital Firm 83North Rides The New Scale-Up Phase of Startup Nation

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In the first nine months of 2016, Israeli high-tech companies raised a total of $4 billion, a year-over-year increase of 27%. Increasingly, these funds are geared towards long-term growth as Startup Nation is shifting into a Scale-Up Nation mode. The shift reflects a new attitude by Israeli entrepreneurs who are now interested less in a quick exit and more in building and running large companies. The new time horizon is driven in part by home-grown VCs and increasingly by global VC firms. In late 2014, "83North stood out with its quick closing of $204 million, a third fund for the team, but the first under the 83North rebranding of Greylock Israel," says the IVC Research Center which tracks and analyzes the Israeli high-tech sector.