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Deconstructing the diagnostic reasoning of human versus artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to occupy an increasingly important place in diagnostic tasks in health care. The principles underlying learning are similar for human and artificial intelligences, but the respective approaches to diagnosis are markedly different. Clinicians approach diagnosis in an intuitive and deductive manner, whereas AI is chiefly analytical and inductive. The wholesale replacement of human intelligence by AI in diagnostic tasks is unlikely, apart from some highly targeted tasks; instead, AI should be considered as a tool to help clinicians in their reasoning. Artificial intelligence (AI) is often presented as the future of medical practice.

Winning the Battle Against Bias: AI Imitates Life


There is a lot of confusion out there about what cognitive bias really is and how it relates to artificial intelligence. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that human and machine cognitive biases are quite different things. Humans and machines can both have biases, but those biases are not the same. While Applied-AI is still in its early days, it is already changing tons of business processes around us and will continue to do so. At a time when the value of data is never higher, many companies are investing in "artificial intelligence," in one or the other form, to help them transform business processes and make decisions faster and more accurate.

Are AI recruitment tools game-changing or dangerous? - TechHQ


As the experience economy gathers pace, diversity of thought and authenticity are now playing a crucial role in improving a business's bottom line. Ensuring that your workforce reflects the audience it serves is a huge step forward in the name of progress. But can tech help us shake our bad habits? Despite our best attempts to create a more productive work environment where innovative ideas will flourish, it appears some human traits have been holding us back. For example, the financial cost of a bad hire is estimated at more than US$18,700.