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Increasing Small Business Sales and Revenue


Sometimes when we listen to the news and pundits that interpret reports and statistics, our hope or determination can get clouded. This is also true in business, but especially for small business owners. If we watch the news we could get a sense that everything was going wrong and all businesses are in trouble. Unfortunately, this is true for a lot of the big corporations that we all know well, but is it really the same state for increasing small business revenue? The fact is that for the most part small business is striding forward with sales and revenue, even in our current economy, and a Constant Contact study shows this has been true since last year.

Cyber Security Statistics: Numbers Small Businesses Need to Know - Small Business Trends


We've collected these cyber security statistics for small businesses from a variety of sources. As cyber criminals continue to target small businesses, owners and employees need to know how to protect both their customers and themselves.

US business stockpiles and sales increase in August

U.S. News

FILE - In this Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016, file photo, Jesse Canady brings out a new load of generators at The Home Depot in Monkey Junction near Wilmington, N.C., as Hurricane Matthew travels up the East Coast.

Amazon expands into UK's £96bn business-to-business market

The Guardian

Amazon is targeting the multibillion-pound UK business-to-business market by launching a new service that sells office supplies, industrial tools and laboratory kits to companies. The service, called Amazon Business, is the latest example of the US company's dramatic expansion beyond its traditional consumer retail business. Amazon already offers cloud computing services to businesses through Amazon Web Services. The UK online market for business-to-business sales was valued at £96.5bn for 2015 by the Office for National Statistics. Amazon Business will sell more than 100m products and is targeted at small, medium, and large firms.