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He Built A $1 Billion Business By Keeping Your Data Safe


Sanjay Beri is the cofounder and CEO of Netskope, a company on the forefront of digital transformation, a new wave of remote work and cloud security. His latest startup names over a quarter of the Fortune 100 as clients, and they have scaled to have a presence on every continent. Sanjay recently appeared as a guest on the DealMakers Podcast. During our interview, he delivered his take on creating a vision for your business, curating company culture, how to hire well, the secrets to building a great board, raising capital, scaling a fast-growth startup, and many more topics. Originally from Toronto, Sanjay got his computer engineering degree in a bunker-like building at the University of Waterloo.

SAP StartUp Studio: A garage that can transform ideas into successful companies


SAP, the 23.3 billion market leader in Enterprise application software has upped its game in India, by bringing into its campus in Whitefield, Bengaluru, the first batch of startups that are working on core technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud-based software. The new tenants at SAP Labs India campus will be housed at the "StartUp Studio" – a 75 seat incubation facility. Every year, the studio will take around 10 startups, provide them with technical expertise and support and give them access to the large base of SAP customers where appropriate. . The end goal of the Studio is to fine-tune the business of these startups and take them to their next stage of growth. "Startup innovations are happening in India and we recognise that we have to support the Startup Policy launched by the Prime Minister this year," says Bernd Leukert, Member of the Executive Board at SAP, Products and Innovation.

40 Must Follow People in Indian Startup Ecosystem


The majority of entrepreneurs have a presence on Facebook, either for personal use or for business. For those who are missing out, I have to imagine that they fail to understand the benefits that Facebook can bring to their startups. But how many are really utilizing the social media giant for its full potential? It is so huge that anyone can easily be lost in it for hours, costing him/her waste of important time. Apart from this, you can be one of the entrepreneurs like me who is puzzled & confused with so many self-claimed mentors & leaders in Indian Startup Ecosystem.

Canada is North America's up-and-coming startup center


Canada, with nine percent of the world's forests, is a land of plenty. As well as an enviable array of natural resources, Canada also boasts incredible support for entrepreneurs, both homegrown and international. Many household names, such as Slack, Hootsuite and Shopify -- which may be mistakenly considered as U.S. products -- hail from north of the border. This proves Canada is capable of delivering on startup success. And it's no surprise that startups excel in the country. Sure, there is less access to VC funding and the persuasive call of Canada's southern neighbor, but the Canadian government is working hard to build and keep successful startup ecosystems. There is a huge selection of government aid available to small businesses, some of which includes grants that don't have to be paid back.

Ravi Kikan on LinkedIn: #startups #startup #entrepreneurs


There is something about Carl Finch that you can never miss - His undying spirit for learning as a serial techpreneur. I have been advising Carl for sometime now on his new initiatives especially in the emerging tech space and there is a whole lot of innovation that he brings to the table. Oh yes, he is one guy who has been fighting tooth and nail with various ups and downs and has never given up. A normal person would have given up in his state. He is not only changing the way we see tech but how we want to use tech for a broader good.