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Bay Area photography startup Polarr announced this morning that it has raised an $11.5 million Series A. The new round of funding, led by Threshold Ventures with participation from Pear Ventures and Cota Capital, brings the startup's total funding to around $12.5 million, according to the latest Crunchbase figures. At the moment, the company is probably best known for its photography app for iOS and Android, which utilizes machine learning and AI to improve image editing. The company says it has around four million monthly active users. This round of funding will go toward research and development, engineering and partnerships, the latter of which are starting to become a big business for Polarr. In fact, it's using the news to highlight the fact that it was tapped to bring its technology to the Samsung Galaxy S10's native camera app.

6 Chromebook apps you can download to improve your productivity

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Some might say that you can't do much besides wade around the internet with a Chromebook, but that's really not the case anymore. One of the best things about Google's browser-based operating system is that it's now open to Chrome web apps and Android apps, so its library has expanded nearly ten-fold. Of course, not everything is worth the download, and if you're headed off on a new venture--starting school, or maybe opening your own business--you might be wondering what apps to use now that your Chromebook is heading with you into the real world. Here are a six Chrome web apps and Android apps that can help you get things done. If you're new to the Chromebook, the first thing you're probably wondering is whether there's a replacement for Microsoft Office on the platform.

How 3 developers used Core ML to run AI models on an iPhone


Apple's first iPhone launched in 2007, decades after the concept of machine learning -- a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) that employs mathematical techniques that "teach" software to make sense of complicated datasets -- rose to prominence. But it was only recently that the two collided. Apple launched Core ML, a framework designed to speed up machine learning tasks, alongside iOS 11 in May 2017. The Cupertino company shipped its first chip purpose-built for AI, the A11 Bionic, in last year's iPhone X. And at the 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), it took the wraps off Core ML 2, a new and improved version of Core ML; and Create ML, a GPU-accelerated tool for native AI model training on Macs.

We asked developers what they think about Android apps on Chrome OS


Life is about to get a lot more complicated for Android developers. The Google Play Store is coming to Chromebooks, opening up its apps to a more traditional PC form factor and millions of devices. Developers will need to rethink how people use their apps now that they'll be available on more traditional laptops instead of just smartphones and tablets. The capability will first come to the experimental Chrome Dev Channel, with full inclusion on select Chromebooks this fall. I chatted with a few developers to get their thoughts on what this would mean for their work.

The best educational software for students


As you prepare to start a new school year, make sure your PC gets the attention it deserves (if you're in the market for a new PC, be sure to check out PCWorld's best cheap laptops and best laptops of 2017 picks). The hardware is important, but loading your PC with the right educational software can give you a big leg up. Sure, you've probably grabbed your favorite browser and installed Office, but there are plenty of other tools you'll need at the ready to be productive and successful. Below is our list of the best educational software for students. See if these programs don't have you buzzing through research papers and group projects in no time.