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The Toyota Sienna Woodland Edition is the off-road minivan you didn't now you needed

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The AWD Toyota Sienna is ready for something more than the school run. Toyota is introducing a Woodland Special Edition version of the hybrid minivan that's been designed to go off-road, but don't start packing for the Rubicon Trail just yet. The Woodland gets a .6-inch The entire Sienna lineup is now hybrid, and the AWD model adds an electric motor that drives the rear wheels, which is basically the same setup as the one in the Toyota Highlander that's built on the same platform. The powertrain provides 245 hp in the Sienna, is good for 35 mpg combined and can tow up to 3,500 pounds.

Woman Acknowledges Hitting, Killing Man With Minivan

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Prosecutors say she drove over Bends after the two argued about his drinking. They were in a relationship at the time, and Badbear was angry with Bends for drinking when he was supposed to be watching the children.

Waymo will add 62,000 Chrysler hybrid minivans to its fleet


We heard in January that Waymo was expanding its agreement with Chrylser for'thousands' of additional hybrid minivans, which would start being delivered in late 2018. Apparently, that was an understatement. Today, news emerged that the automaker will supply the autonomous car company with 62,000 its family vehicles. We knew Waymo's existing fleet of 600 Chrysler Pacific minivans it used for testing will be repurposed to launch its ride-hailing service in Phoenix later this year. The next city it will set up shop in is, unsurprisingly, the San Francisco Bay area.

Toyota's 2021 Sienna minivans will all be hybrids


Toyota's new, 2021 Sienna is notable for two reasons. First, just look at this thing: It has plenty of sharp body lines and massive front grille that, while supposedly inspired by Japanese bullet trains, looks more like a tremendous scowl. This thing is meant to ferry families around, all while looking incredibly aggro. Second -- and more importantly -- every version of the new Sienna is a hybrid. Among other things, a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine, helped along by a pair of electric motors powered by batteries under the front foot wells.

Detroit Mother Charged After Son, 3, Killed in Crash

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Michael Jones was not properly restrained Thursday in a child's car seat in the rear of a minivan that barreled through a red light and struck a car. The collision ejected the boy into the street where the minivan rolled back over him. He was pronounced dead at a hospital.