Artificial Intelligence Startups Nudge Giants to 'Think Big'


Ronnie Vuine runs a Berlin-based startup that harnesses artificial intelligence for industrial uses – but that doesn't mean he's all business, all the time. His company Micropsi Industries also programmed an A.I. game piece known as D1 "for fun, and because we want to show what's possible," he told Handelsblatt. D1's A.I. "brain" looks a bit like a fire hydrant spraying out countless tiny streams of water. The figure uses trial and error to track down food, Mr. Vuine explained, and each stream represents a different experience.

The 10 tech companies that have invested the most money in AI


Google has invested the most money in artificial intelligence (AI), according to research from RS Components. Tech giants have disclosed nearly $8.6 billion in acquisitions since 1998.

South Korean Tech Giant Has Its First Female CEO

Forbes - Tech

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. The author is a Forbes contributor. The opinions expressed are those of the writer. South Korea's biggest tech company has signaled major changes for its own direction as well as the local tech industry, as Naver announced the appointment of vice president Han Seong-sook as its first female CEO and the first woman to lead a major Korean tech company. Following shareholder approval last Friday afternoon, she replaced Kim Sang-hun, who concludes his eight-year post at the helm to assume an advisory role.

Interest of global tech giants including Apple, Intel revives in Indian startup space - The Economic Times


BENGALURU HYDERABAD: Apple's recent acquisition of Indian machine-learning startup Tuplejump offers further evidence of a revival in the interest of global technology giants in the country's startup space, especially in areas such as artificial intelligence, cloud infrastructure and automation. Enthusiasm for tech startups in India had waned in the last two years with fewer exits, a funding crunch and an inability to scale up. That seems to be changing with Intel, Apple and Nutanix shopping around for companies and the people who work there. Intel bought Soft Machines, a Silicon Valley chip designer with offices in Hyderabad, for 300 million in September. The company was cofounded by former Intel veteran Mahesh Lingareddy.

Beauty giant Shiseido snaps up technology startups to draw young shoppers

The Japan Times

Shiseido Co., the Japanese firm that sells Laura Mercier cosmetics and Dolce & Gabbana fragrances, sold ¥1 trillion ($9.3 billion) worth of beauty products last year, mostly in traditional stores where customers can sample brands in person. Consumers in their teens and twenties often prefer to shop online, beyond the reach of in-store salespeople. To partner with -- and even buy up -- small startups in Silicon Valley and other tech hubs to gain expertise in artificial intelligence, augmented reality and other technologies. His ambition is to help shoppers replicate online the experience of trying on cosmetics in a store, and use data from smart devices to create personalized makeup for customers. "Particularly with the younger generation, often they don't go into the stores," Uotani said in an interview.