Using artificial intelligence to predict 2019 Cricket World Cup


We present a predictive analysis model for 2019 men's Cricket World Cup. We believe this predictive analysis strategy would be very useful for viewers, sponsors, and team strategists. This would also give insights to various cricket analysts and commentators about the features that play a crucial role in the statistical analysis. This model is developed based on the historical data collected for the 10 participating teams (Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and West Indies). In addition, we test our model on 2015 world cup data and measure the accuracy of predictions.

Best of the web: Artificial Intelligence news for December 4, 2016


NEW DELHI: In a first for Indian carriers, Air India is rationing the number of alcoholic drinks being served to its premium international passengers at airport lounges across India. The AI move follows a recent plea by several Indian airlines to aviation authorities to restrict passengers' access to liquor at departure terminals to check increasing incidents of unruly behaviour by tipsy flyers. Tagged In Artificial Intelligence India Airport Beer Kolkata Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Air India Indira Gandhi International Airport Wine Gin Rum Chennai International Airport Indian (airline) Go Air Indi Go Airport Lounge Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Recently actually had the time to visit a very controversial exhibition in Palazzo Strozzi, by Chinese artist Ai WeiWei. Apple has given its clearest indication yet that it's working on a self-driving car – or at least working with car manufacturers to make the plans a reality. Tagged In The Wall Street Journal Wired (magazine) Apple Inc Washington, D C Minivan Mc Laren Machine Learning National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Victoria (australia) Financial Times Mc Laren Technology Group Paul Krugman would stand in line to meet Charlie Stross.

The 7 biggest myths about artificial intelligence - TechRepublic


We hear about AI taking over our jobs. We hear about AI listening in on our conversations. We hear about AI becoming a substitute for our romantic partners. Here's what the real AI experts Guru Banavar, (IBM), Toby Walsh, (The University of New South Wales), and Roman Yampolskiy (University of Louisville), say about the subject, and why a lot of what you think you know is probably wrong. In 2015, GE inaugurated a new, Multi-Modal manufacturing facility in Chakan, India.

Amazon's Echo Show lets users tap the screen to access Alexa


Amazon is making it easier for those with hearing and speech impairments to utilize Alexa. Starting today, the Echo Show will have an option to toggle on a new feature called "Tap to Alexa," which will let users tap the device's screen to access the digital assistant. The feature includes shortcuts to common Alexa items like weather, timers, news and traffic, and users can also type out Alexa commands. Additionally, while Amazon launched its Alexa captioning feature in the US a few months ago, it's now releasing that feature to users in the UK, Germany, Japan, India, France, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. To activate Tap to Alexa, head over to the Echo Show's device settings, select the accessibility settings and switch the feature on.

PageUp could face class action over potential data mishandling


Human resources software firm PageUp could find itself up against a class action lawsuit, after it revealed earlier this week it had fallen victim to a malware attack that potentially compromised client information. Centennial Lawyers, which last year filed a class action lawsuit against the New South Wales Ambulance Service in the Supreme Court of NSW after it compromised sensitive personal and health information of NSW Ambulance workers, has said it is considering a class action against PageUp. According to the Sydney-based law firm, companies that may have suffered at the hands of the malware attack include Wesfarmers-owned Coles, Target, Kmart, and Officeworks; the National Australia Bank (NAB); Telstra; the Reserve Bank of Australia; Australia Post; Medibank; the ABC; the Australian Red Cross; and the University of Tasmania. "Employers owe a duty to keep highly personal information confidential, not only of their workers but also those that are applying for work. This can often include financial information and even medical information required as part of an induction process," principal solicitor of Centennial Lawyers A/Prof.