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In his keynote to kick off this month's virtual AWS re:Invent conference, CEO Andy Jassy discussed tangible shifts AWS saw in the enterprise IT landscape and decisions organizations might need to make for successful transformation. Citing AWS's $46 billion revenue run rate, he said company continues to experience accelerated growth rates. "That growth is significantly driven by the growth of cloud computing in the infrastructure technology space," Jassy said. Despite such gains, AWS is part of a much broader IT global segment, he said, where spending on cloud is just 4% of the overall IT market. Jassy said AWS believes the vast majority of computing will move to the cloud in the next 10 to 20 years.

Amazon: Five things we know about new boss Andy Jassy

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Unlike Mr Bezos, Mr Jassy occasionally speaks out on social issues. In September he tweeted about the need for police accountability after Breonna Taylor, a Black woman, was fatally shot in her home by white policemen during a botched raid.

Andy Jassy: What to know about the next CEO of Amazon

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By this summer, Amazon will have a new CEO. On Tuesday, the tech giant announced a transition in leadership where founder Jeff Bezos will leave the company's top role, and longtime Amazon executive Andy Jassy will take over as CEO. As Bezos wrote in an email to employees, he will stay on as executive chair and "focus my energies and attention on new products and early initiatives." Jassy will be promoted from CEO of Amazon Web Services, the company's cloud computing service that helps power sites like Netflix and Spotify. Here's what you should know about the next CEO of Amazon.

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Andy Jassy is taking over a very unusual "tech" company. Amazon has many times more employees than any of its competitors, such as Microsoft, Google and Apple, and many are low-skilled manual laborers, rather than software engineers. Amazon is also a partner with approximately 2.4 million active marketplace sellers, who generate the majority of sales on its retail platform. But the incoming chief executive, Mr. Jassy--a loyal deputy and devoted student of founder Jeff Bezos--has at his disposal a powerful tool for managing such a vast ocean of workers and partners: an equally vast cloud-software infrastructure that he has overseen from its start. Amazon uses software to manage in a way that's unlike almost any other company, except maybe gig-economy giants Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and Instacart.

Who is Andy Jassy? Amazon's new CEO ushered in the era of cloud computing

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Amazon on Tuesday said its billionaire founder Jeff Bezos would step down as chief executive officer and become executive chairman after nearly 30 years at the company. The transition will promote current cloud computing head Andy Jassy to the next chief executive of the company, as Bezos hands over the reins for the first time since he founded Amazon and oversaw its evolution from small online bookstore ubiquitous retail juggernaut. Jassy, 52, joined Amazon in 1997 after Harvard Business School. "I took my last final exam at HBS, the first Friday of May in 1997, and I started Amazon next Monday," Jassy said in a Harvard Business School podcast in September. "No, I didn't know what my job was going to be, or what my title was going to be." Jassy went on to found Amazon Web Services, according to the company's website, a cloud hosting product that creates the infrastructure used by millions of companies, schools, and governments to run websites and apps.