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The B2B breach trifecta: Equifax, SEC and Deloitte


Why did Equifax take a beating in the headlines, but the SEC breach was barely a blip? Equifax is primarily a B2B company, but the data stolen was consumer data.

2017 Tech Trends Deloitte US Deloitte Consulting


Deloitte's annual Tech Trends reports examine the ever-evolving technology landscape and those trends that have the potential to transform business, government, and society. Written from the perspective of the CIO, these reports explore technology trends that have the opportunity to impact organizations - across industries, geographies, and sizes today and in the future. The 2016 report identifies eight trends that reflect macro forces fueling innovation: digital, analytics, cloud, the renaissance of core systems, and the changing role of IT within the enterprise, balanced with the implications of cyber risk--security, compliance, regulatory and compliance, quality, and safety. The theme for the report was inspired by the opportunities today's CIOs--across industries, geographies, and company sizes--have to shape every corner of their organizations by transforming "business as usual." The 2015 report examines nine current technology trends, ranging from the way some organizations are using application programming interfaces to extend services and create new revenue streams, to the dramatic impact connectivity and analytics are having on digital marketing; and from the evolving role of the CIO to changing IT skill sets and delivery models.

Deloitte Launches The Deloitte AI Institute - A Centre To Advance The Development Of AI For Enterprises


Recently, Deloitte announced the launch of the Deloitte AI Institute – a centre that focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) research, eminence and applied innovation across industries. The institute is said to apply the cutting-edge research to help address a wide spectrum of relevant AI use cases and bridge the ethics gap surrounding AI. The Deloitte AI Institute brings together the brightest minds and research in #AI to advance human-machine collaboration in the Age of WithTM and address a wide spectrum of use cases. In a blog post, Nitin Mittal, AI co-leader and principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP said, "The Deloitte AI Institute is being established to advance the conversation and development of AI for enterprises." He added, "Our goal is to blend Deloitte's deep experience in applied AI with a robust network of some of the most intelligent AI minds in the world to challenge the status quo. Through the power of this centre, we aim to deliver impactful and game-changing research; and innovation to help our clients lead in the'Age of With,' a world where humans work side-by-side with machines."

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