BMW unveils its vision for a self-driving electric car


These self-driving concept vehicles are like nothing you've seen before BMW has unveiled its vision for a self-driving electric crossover SUV and, if it actually ends up being a lot like the concept version, it should be a pretty cozy place to hang out. The BMW Vision iNext is a concept vehicle for now. But BMW executives said they plan to put something like it into production in 2021. The car was unveiled inside the belly of a cargo plane at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. Inside, BMW's executives displayed working versions of some of the technologies being considered for the car, including touch sensitive fabrics and interactive projections.

BMW unveils its vision for the 'iFuture' of luxury vehicles


Our Demolition Man future is going to arrive just a bit sooner than we figured. Your next car may not be able to drive you to a local Taco Bell (since they all are in the Demolition universe), but BMW's iNEXT concept vehicle certainly hints at a smart, semi-autonomous, hands-off driving experience within the next decade. The iNEXT is the latest iteration of BMW's "project i" which was started back in 2013 and has since spawned models like the i3 and i5, hence the naming scheme. This new model is an SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle), that takes the idea of "state of the art" and runs with it. Or, at least it will in 2021 when BMW expects "the car we know today as BMW iNEXT will come onto the market."

BMW's new ad hints at couples having SEX in driverless car

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BMW is taking a more intimate approach with self-driving cars. In a video teasing the German car-maker's Vision iNext concept car, the firm hints at in-car sex with its tagline'A space where everything can be done with ease'. The clip tells the story of a couple from when they first meet to them getting more intimate before taking things on the road. In video teasing BMW's Vision iNext concept car (pictured), the firm hints at in-car sex with its tagline'A space where everything can be done with ease' 'The BMW Vision iNEXT is a warm and optimistic vision that merges all the key technologies for future mobility into a single vehicle: it will be all-electric, highly automated, fully connected and ultimately human,' BMW shared with the advertisement. In the video, we meet Eve and Leo from when they first spot each other in a coffee shop to seeing their love unfold on a beach and then seeing them become slightly intimate in their sleek Vision iNext self-driving car.

CES 2019: BMW, The Ultimate Driving Machine, Becomes The Ultimate Being-Driven Machine


BMW will offer virtual test drives including some stretches where the car drives itself in virtual reality, in a version of its new concept car, the BMW Vision iNEXT electric vehicle, at the upcoming 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Jan. 8 to Jan. 11. Navigating the transition to autonomous cars is a tough assignment for the whole auto industry. But it's especially ticklish for the BMW brand, given its iconic identity is "The Ultimate Driving Machine." BMW describes the interior of the BMW Concept iNEXT as "Favorite Space."Photo: An earlier BMW ad campaign showed a BMW driver arriving at work in need of a cooldown, as if he had just finished a demanding and exhilarating workout, instead of a boring commute.

BMW's Vision iNEXT SUV Concept Sets a New, Electric Course


Changing notions of what customers want from cars have pushed automakers to do plenty of weird things. They've unmoored the driver's seat from the left side of the car, revived the rotary engine, and turned windshields into screens. BMW, though, is most likely the first to put down carpeting in the cabin of a cargo jet. Sitting on the tarmac at San Francisco International Airport's cargo facility, the Lufthansa Boeing 777 has been converted into an unusually human-friendly vehicle. Along with the soft blue stuff underfoot, BMW has installed swanky, modern furniture throughout the cabin.