Artificial Intelligence: Is This The Future of Market Research and Consumer Insights?


We already know how artificial intelligence has been affecting marketing, with everyone from Netflix to Under Armor utilizing data to improve customer experience, but how exactly can market researchers hope to use AI? And apart from all those hip and trendy businesses using it that we hear about – are there really any implications for non-tech related companies?

How to get Business Insights from Artificial Intelligence


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Audience is The Future Business Model, Data Analytics Can Improves It


Companies and enterprises are facing a daily grind, while they are also required to see to it that their customers are happy & satisfied, operations is efficient and employees are satisfied; and all this makes running the business – a real challenge. "Audience is the new business model", and if any organization is struggling miserably to communicate with customers or their audience, there certainly is a negative impact of it across the business plan, starting from finances to product development.

Consumer Insights: Why the Customer Isn't Always Right Marketo


Every brand needs to have a deep understanding of its target audience. What are they looking for and where are their needs being, or not being, met? Is there a gap in the market? Being out of touch or tone-deaf when it comes to your customer base could even alienate or deeply offend them. One example that comes to mind is a recent Dove ad that was meant to celebrate the "beauty of diversity" that didn't exactly match consumer expectations.

Dear Market Researcher, don't get left behind with AI


Artificial Intelligence was one of the hottest topics of 2017. A.I. in your life: While many think that AI is just the trend of the moment, it is much more real than they believe. You might have spotted it in many of the applications on your phone or in our computer: virtual personal assistants like Siri (Apple) or Google Now, online customer support and music or movie recommendations. When it comes to the workplace, the general belief is that AI will kill jobs. While this is true for certain sectors (e.g.