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Growing demand for oil will lead to shortage and high prices in 2020s

New Scientist

We need to slash greenhouse emissions to limit global warming, the UN warned in October. But the International Energy Agency sees a very different future in its latest report, the World Energy Outlook 2018. Growing energy demand in developing countries will lead to a continued rise in global carbon dioxide emissions. This is even in a "New Policies" scenario in which countries do more than they are doing now to limit emissions, according to the report, which looks at the period up until 2040. "The New Policies Scenario puts energy-related CO2 emissions on a slow upward trend to 2040, a trajectory far out of step with what scientific knowledge says will be required to tackle climate change," says the report.

Renewable energy may be switched off as demand plummets

The Guardian > Energy

Hundreds of renewable energy projects may be asked to turn off this weekend to avoid overloading the grid as the UK's electricity demand plummets to record lows. Britain's demand for electricity is forecast to tumble to a fifth below normal levels due to the spring bank holiday and the shutdown of shops, bars and restaurants mandated by the coronavirus lockdown. National Grid is braced for electricity demand to fall to 15.6GW on Saturday afternoon – a level usually associated with the middle of the night – and continue to drop even lower in the early hours of Sunday morning. Meanwhile, the sunny weather is expected to generate more renewable electricity than the UK needs. "Bank holidays see reduced demand for electricity, and even more so with the current lockdown measures in place," said Amy Weltevreden, a manager at the energy system operator.

Predicting Energy Production


As created for AI4IMPACT's Deep Learning Datathon 2020, TEAM DEFAULT has created a neural-network-based deep learning model used for predicting energy production demand in France. The model was created using Smojo, on AI4IMPACT's innovative cloud-based learning and model deployment system. Our model was able to achieve a 0.131 test loss which beat persistence loss of 0.485 by a quite a fair margin. As the energy market becomes increasingly liberalized across the world, the free and open market has seen an uptick and importance for optimized energy demand. New and existing entrants turn to data and various methods to forecast energy consumption in hopes of turning over a profit.

Forests in danger: Biofuel demand threatens forests

Al Jazeera

The production of palm oil biofuel in Malaysia is one of the main causes of rainforest destruction. With demand for palm oil set to increase threefold by 2050, the rate of deforestation could be devastating.

Developing a green business with the Internet of Things


The wider societal implications from the Internet of Things relates to new opportunities for operators and network equipment providers. This is in providing the backbone that supplies the main connectivity between billions of cloud applications and sensors. This possibility is one of the measures set out in a recent white paper issued by the World Economic Forum. The report is titled "Digital Transformation Initiative: Telecommunications Industry." Developed with the technology company Accenture, the main findings of the report for the telecoms sector have been discussed in the Digital Journal article "Internet of Things is starting to disrupt telecoms."