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Macedonia willing to add name 'qualifier' to satisfy Greece

FOX News

SKOPJE, Macedonia – Macedonia's prime minister says his country and Greece have made significant progress toward resolving their long-standing name dispute.

EU Urges Greece to Step up Reforms to Get Debt Relief

U.S. News

Finance Commissioner Pierre Moscovici visited Athens a day after the European Commission said Greece had fallen behind on at least six major reforms. Eurozone finance ministers will meet on March 11 and decide whether to grant Greece a debt relief package worth nearly 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion).

Macedonian Lawmakers Ratify Greece Name Deal Again

U.S. News

Full implementation of the agreement will take months, and is subject to a referendum in Macedonia and a parliamentary vote in Greece. If everything goes as planned, the deal will clear the way for Macedonia to start accession talks with NATO and the EU, with Greece -- a member of both organizations -- lifting its long-standing objections to such a move.

Greece: How are youth coping as years of austerity comes to end?

Al Jazeera

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has officially declared an end to an era of austerity, as the nation exits the biggest international bailout in history. Greece avoided bankruptcy through $300bn of international loans since 2010. Al Jazeera's John Psaropoulos takes a look at how the past eight years have affected some of the country's youth.

Greek Archaeological Sites Change Opening Hours Due to Heat

U.S. News

Greece's archaeological sites are one of the main attractions for millions of tourists who visit the country and provide a crucial source of income in a country that's spent many of the past few years in recession. Greece expects an increase in tourist numbers this year to nearly 30 million.