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SingularityNET Sophia Offers Glimpse of AI Human Interaction in the Future – Wall Street Newscast


Sophia's proprietary software, firmware, and hardware makes her nearly impossible to replicate, and with SingularityNET anyone could access her mind on demand. Sophia, developed by Hanson Robotics, is now the Chief Humanoid at SingularityNET, which recently saw their CEO and Chief Scientist Dr. Ben Goertzel get into an online debate in early January 2018 with Facebook's head of A.I. research Yann LeCun. On Jan. 4, Mr. LeCun sent out a tweeted regarding Sophia in which he wrote: "This is to AI as prestidigitation [conjuring tricks] is to real magic.

Tulsalabs Creates Partnerships with Touchpoint (TGHI) and GTX Corp (GTXO) – AI VentureTech


As head strategic advisor, AI Venturetech has been instrumental in guiding TulsaLabs, a division of Appswarm (OTC:SWRM), in building their next generation technology research lab in Tulsa, OK. Although still in development stage, TulsaLabs has moved forward with its first clients to begin expanding its technological reach into areas such as wearables, AI, and new urban transportation. TulsaLabs will utilize data generated from GTXO wearable devices and sensors to develop cloud-based analytics that will monitor and analyze a user's health data through long-term dataset development utilizing artificial intelligence. This platform data will allow users to detect potential trends that can be offset with lifestyle adjustments to prevent the onset of some of the most common metabolic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Combined together, GTXO and SWRM look to break into the exciting life extension market as emerging player in the wearable industry.

AI VentureTech Joins IBM PartnerWorld Network – AI VentureTech


Ai VentureTech is pleased to announce it has joined the IBM PartnerWorld program, which will be an integral part in our development of Deep Sky Wireless, Realm Robotics, and Next Realm AI. What Does This Mean for the Company? As a Registered Business Partner, AI VentureTech will now have access to IBM's wide assortment of developer solutions in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Cloud, Security, IT Infrastructure, Watson, and Watson Health. From infrastructure, to training, IBM suite of solutions can provide our company with all the technology needed to build out world-class A.I. and cloud-based solutions for commercial markets. As an AI consulting firm, we will now be able to resell IBM suite of solutions to clients to offer real world technology products and solutions on which to generate revenues from.

SingularityNET: Learn About The World's First Public AI Network On The Blockchain


What to know about SingularityNET (AGI)? Blockchain technology has become one of the most in-demand technologies worldwide. Among the innovations that prove its advancement is the launching of SingularityNet. Many will confuse it with a typical marketplace, but SingularityNet is a decentralized marketplace for Artificial Intelligence (AI). The businesses associated with AI are increasing daily; however, there's a significant difference between the people developing AI tools (researchers and academics) and the businesses that want to make use of the technology for specific needs.

How Blockchain Technology Helps Humanize AI

International Business Times

There are several ways artificial intelligence guru Crystal Rose smashes tech industry stereotypes. In a sector flush with chatbot advisors and robot sidekicks, which often absorb human biases such as sexist language, Rose is focused on how AI can optimize real human connections. "Humans can be uplifted instead of replaced," Rose told International Business Times. "We want to become the largest consumer application on the blockchain." Sensay aims to raise $15 million with the upcoming token sale.