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Tempered Glass Exposed - 6H, 9H, 9D or 11D Tempered Glasses


Today we will discuss about tempered glass which are very important for our mobile screen to cover the screen and keep it safe. If you have noticed then you will find whenever you will buy any tempered glass there is written something like 9D, 11D, 9H. What does it mean, why it is written, all there things are necessary to know every smartphone users. So, today we will discuss about this and clear all the questions regarding tempered glass. In every high or low price phone, has screen protection like Gorrila glass 5 or dragontail protection if somehow your mobile dropped by mistake then it helps users not to break or damage your mobile screen.

Huawei's MediaPad M5 is the first tablet with a curved glass screen


You'd be forgiven for thinking that premium Android tablets were on the way out. While you'll see occasional high-end entries like the Galaxy Tab S3, many are low-cost slates that don't exactly push the boundaries of design. Huawei, however, wants to keep that torch alive -- it's unveiling the MediaPad M5, which promises a few flourishes you don't usually see in tablets. Its 8.4- and 10.8-inch variants are reportedly the first tablets to tout "2.5D" curved glass screens.

Tim Cook posts GIF of Apple Park's four story cafeteria doors opening

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Tim Cook has given a rare glimpse of the stunning four-story doors at Apple's giant'spaceship' headquarters. In a tweet, the Apple CEO shared a gif of Apple Park's massive lunchroom doors, which provide natural ventilation for the site's 4,000 person café. Apple Park opened last year in Cupertino, California and is a $5 billion campus that can accommodate 12,000 employees. In a tweet, the Apple CEO shared a gif of Apple Park's massive lunchroom doors, which provide natural ventilation for the site's 4,000 person café. 'Lunchtime at Apple Park just got a whole lot more exciting,' Cook wrote in a tweet late Wednesday.

North Carolina beefs up tax breaks as Apple scouts new...

Daily Mail - Science & tech

North Carolina legislative leaders said Thursday they're committing to a big expansion of tax breaks to attract employers promising thousands of jobs, a move that comes as people familiar with recruitment efforts tell The Associated Press tech giant Apple is strongly considering the state for a new corporate campus. The top two leaders in the state's General Assembly said they would lower the threshold so-called'transformative' companies must meet to get massive state subsidies. Companies investing at least $1 billion and generating 3,000 jobs could get cash payments based on the taxes paid by their employees for up to 40 years. TThe project could create 5,000 North Carolina jobs, with a later target of 10,000 jobs, the economic development official said. A North Carolina government official and an economic development official told The Associated Press that Apple is close to deciding whether to build a planned hub in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Apple's $5 billion 'spaceship campus' designed to be able to withstand earthquakes

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Apple Park, the tech giant's futuristic campus, is a design feat in and of itself due to its'spaceship'-like shape. Jony Ive, Apple's chief design officer, told the New York Times that in order to make sure the building was fully protected from California's notorious earthquakes, it rests on 692 steel saucers. It relies on a type of engineering called base-isolation technology, which enables a building to be able to withstand potentially catastrophic tremors from earthquakes. The saucers are located two stories beneath where Apple employees are busy toiling away on the latest iPhone or Mac computer. Ive told the Times that the company put a lot of thought into how Apple Park could be protected from earthquakes.