Google Brain co-founder teams with Foxconn to bring AI to factories


Consumers now experience AI mostly through image recognition to help categorize digital photographs and speech recognition that helps power digital voice assistants such as Apple Inc's Siri or But at a press briefing in San Francisco two days before Ng's In many factories, workers look over parts coming off an assembly line for defects. Ng showed a video in which a worker instead put a circuit board beneath a digital camera connected to a computer and the computer identified a defect in the part. Ng said that while typical computer vision systems might require thousands of sample images to become "trained,"'s

Google Brain co-founder teams with Foxconn to bring AI

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Andrew Ng, co-founder of some of Alphabet Inc-owned Google's most prominent artificial intelligence projects, launches a new venture with iPhone assembler Foxconn to bring AI and so-called machine learning onto the factory floor.

Google Brain co-founder raises $175 million fund for AI startups


Ng announced Tuesday that he raised money from venture capital firms New Enterprise Associates, Sequoia Capital and Greylock Partners as well as SoftBank Group Corp. Under Ng, Baidu released a voice-based operating system that users can talk to - much like Amazon's Alexa voice assistant or Apple's Siri - and also started working on self-driving cars and face recognition technology to open things like transit turnstiles when users approach. I think it's a more systematic, repeatable process than most people think," said Ng, who also taught artificial intelligence courses at Stanford University. The first company to receive money from the fund will be,

NASA uses Google machine learning for exoplanet detection ZDNet


An eighth planet orbiting a Sun-like star over 2,500 light years away called Kepler-90 has been detected by running the data from NASA's Kepler Space Telescope through a Google neural network.

Andrew Ng Wants AI to Take Over Factories


AI technology can possibly change all industries globally, and one of the field's pioneers divulged today another startup he's beginning, bringing AI to manufacturing. Andrew Ng, who helped begin the Google Brain venture and earlier filled in as the leader of Baidu's AI endeavors, declared, an organization aimed at helping companies in the assembling division change themselves into AI organizations. Ng picked fabricating on the grounds that it has various issues that machine learning systems can help with, and AI can potentially change the business in drastic ways.