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Data Mining Information - The Data Mine Welcome to The Data Mine, established in 1994 to provide high quality information about Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. In essence, Data Mining is the use of computers to help make sense of information. Typically, special techniques are used to find patterns in data. For more detail see this good overview article on Data Mining. Data Mining Software We maintain a List of Data Mining Software.

4 Steps To Successfully Evaluating BI Software


Learn how to compare business intelligence tools based on technology, licensing model, and customer service, so you can make the most informed decision when deciding between competing BI vendors. This guide will help you to determine which type of BI solution is right for you and help you find a business intelligence (BI) software that will scale with your organization's needs. Plus, see the top four questions you should ask when beginning the BI evaluation process that will save you a lot of time and help set you in the right direction.

Don't drop the data: Why business intelligence software matters


There's nothing quite like being able to make confident decisions about your business, based on facts about how you have operated to date, and how the market is currently doing. With proper business intelligence software to help you to analyze your company, you'll be able to do just that. The visual aspect of the reports and dashboards also means that you don't have to be a computer genius to understand the information, or just to access it. The data is placed in the hands of the people who need to make decisions for the company.

Oracle Ora_Hash function- Part 1 Random Sampling


I have used it for different purposes such as generating random number. The following query generate 5 buckets from 0 to 4, each of them have the similar number of records. First, we create a table and populate it with 1,000 numbers.

The Rise Of Software


This last decade has been an onslaught of change in software. As we entered 2007, Amazon's AWS would be less than a year old. Hadoop had just been released. Apple had not yet announced the iPhone. APIs were just start ing to become part of the software landscape with APIs released by Facebook, Twitter and Google.