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How To Make Broadcast Towers More Bird-Friendly: Turn Off Some Lights

NPR Technology

Scientists found that turning off steady beam lights on towers reduced bird fatalities by 70 percent. Scientists found that turning off steady beam lights on towers reduced bird fatalities by 70 percent. It's likely the only time you really notice one of your neighborhood broadcast and cell towers is at night when they're lit up with conspicuous bright red lights. Those lights help pilots see the huge metal structures that can reach 1,000 feet into the air -- but they can spell disaster for birds. In 1976 in Gun Lake, Mich., one tower killed over 2,300 birds in one night, says Caleb Putnam, who works for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

There’s a fake city where cars are learning to drive themselves


"Mcity" is a one of a kind facility where automated and connected vehicles teach themselves how to drive. Developed by researchers from the University of Michigan, this test site is a place where Academia works together with Government and Industry to improve transportation safety with a vision of reducing vehicle fatalities.

Coronavirus deaths top 4,000 in US, surpass China

FOX News

Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. The number of coronavirus related deaths topped 4,000 in the U.S. on Tuesday night, just one day after reaching the 3,000 mark. The U.S. has now surpassed China by over 700 COVID-19 fatalities -- as the White House coronavirus task force said it projects 100,000 to 240,000 deaths from the virus and millions infected in the country. Without any measures in place to mitigate the contagion's spread, those projections jump to between 1.5 million and 2.2 million deaths from COVID-19. A Samaritan's Purse crew and medical personnel work on preparing to open a 68 bed emergency field hospital specially equipped with a respiratory unit in New York's Central Park on March 31 in New York.

Florida Governor Prepares for Phase 1 of Reopening State

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"You look at some of the most draconian orders that have been issued in some of these states and you compare Florida in terms of our hospitalizations per 100,000 in terms of our fatalities per 100,000. I mean you go from DC, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio - you name it, Florida has done better," DeSantis said. "Everyone in the media was saying Florida was going to be like New York or Italy, and that has not happened."