Hybrid Vehicular Crowdsourcing With Driverless Cars: Challenges and a Solution

IEEE Computer

Although vehicular crowdsourcing represents an emerging technology to assist many smart city applications, maintaining sensing data quality is still a challenge. This article considers the challenges and offers a potential solution for a hybrid scenario involving both driverless cars and human-controlled vehicles, within the limited task budget. H. Gao, C. H. Liu and W. Wang, "Hybrid Vehicular Crowdsourcing With Driverless Cars: Challenges and a Solution," in Computer, vol.

Memes, Drones, and Pop-Up Bars: Ten Wild Jobs That Didn't Exist Ten Years Ago


Robots are coming for our jobs, and the work left over for humans is getting worse and paying less. Changes in technology and culture over the past decade have created jobs your high school guidance counselor could never imagine in their wildest dreams. Meanwhile, the safe, traditional jobs like lawyering and doctoring come with ever-increasing price tags and fewer career prospects. Unless the post-work utopia theorists are raving about comes around soon, picking your career is one of the most important choices of your life. You might as well make it one that's fulfilling and cuts a decent paycheck.

Can Crowdsourcing Teach AI to Do the Right Thing?


As we cede more and more control to artificial intelligence, it's inevitable that those machines will need to make choices based, hopefully, on human morality. But where are AI's ethics going to come from? Could they be crowdsourced, essentially voted on by everyone?

Is Facebook Building An Autonomous Car?


Today at the Frankfurt motor show, one of the biggest and most prestigious motor shows in the world, Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, spoke before German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Now what is Facebook and most importantly, Sheryl Sandberg doing at an automotive industry event? The obvious answer that comes to mind when one relates Facebook and the car industry is the billions of advertising dollars the industry spends on marketing and advertising. However, that does not seem to be Facebook's game plan, as highlighted by Sheryl and shown at their pavilion. Facebook seems to have a strategy of leveraging its capabilities in social marketing, AR & VR and interestingly, who would have thought of it, leveraging its advanced AI and deep learning capabilities to support the development of autonomous vehicles.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay


Now 49 years after Aldiss' story and 17 years after this film, the realities of AI are not as intimidating. Current applications of AI and machine learning techniques include real-time, crowd-sourced traffic updates, email filters to distinguish between spam, promos and important emails, ride-shares, plagiarism detectors (to professors' delight), game players (Go, chess, etc.), article writers, buildings that self-regulate energy utilization, and even self-driving cars.