Victoria abandons federal mobile blackspots program to go it alone


The Victorian government has pulled its AU$11 million commitment to the federal government's mobile blackspots program, opting instead to build its own new mobile towers across regional parts of the state.

The three things you need to know before taking your business mobile

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One of the most disruptive aspects of mobile products is that they are with us always. To be successful, they need to understand what matters to us and help us get it. This comes through personalization and community. The more mobile products know about us, the more personalized they become. They understand what matters to us as individuals with unique feelings and emotions.

Survey: How big is the mobile security risk at your company?


Companies of all sizes and in every industry are implementing mobile applications because of the agility in business operations that mobile devices provide, yet the increased use of mobile computing also brings a new set of security risks that organizations must address. Take Tech Pro Research's survey on mobile device security and share your input. These devices are used externally as well as internally within companies. With the amount of time that mobile device are used off premises, risks of device loss, data loss or security breaches escalate. So, too, does the risk of devices being misused by those who are both authorized and unauthorized to use them.

Importance of adding AI in your Business Mobile Apps


Today, Artificial Intelligence in true sense is proceeding with new heights, stimulating human intelligence. The impact of Artificial Intelligence is redefining the scenario of the human and machine relationship. The ability of AI is transforming various verticals while many mobile app development companies are opting to make the mobile user experience more personal. From voice commands to image labeling, Artificial intelligence is offering many other advanced functions. The involvement of AI enables mobile devices to solve problems or tasks that require human intelligence.

5 tech trends that will drive the next wave of mobile innovation in the enterprise


Mobile continues to be an important point on the agenda of most CIOs. While some trends like mobile device management (MDM) have seen mainstream adoption within business applications, the adoption of mobile technology platforms have been considerably slower in the enterprise than in the consumer market. However, innovation in the mobile space hasn't stopped. In recent months, the industry has produced a series of technologies that will play an important role in the next successful generation of mobile enterprise solutions. The list of emerging mobile technologies that may become relevant in the enterprise is incredibly large to cover in a single article and, many times, requires making assumptions about a market that has more than once proven to be unpredictable.