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10 Ways Enterprise Organizations Can Use Chatbots


Many global enterprise companies are benefiting from deploying useful chatbots for customer service, marketing, human resources, communications, and scheduling. Customer service chatbot applications are the most popular, followed by using chatbots for marketing purposes. Many companies using chatbots for marketing are finding them effective in personalizing the experience and improving sales results. Another place to use a chatbot for enterprise businessefforts is in human resource management as a recruitment tool. Chatbot technology can be used effectively to communicate with both the public and employees.

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Chatbots are most effective in conditions wherein a customer is trying to resolve routine problems, complete specific assignments. This involves guiding a user through a multi-step process. Chatbots shows a great effect in increasing traffic, Lead generation and ROI, reducing manpower and improved customer satisfaction.

Chatbot Marketing for Startups – Chatbot News Daily


Digital marketing is constantly changing. With digital media and new technologies, strategies are changing and marketers' arsenals are being supplemented. While many of these new tools are often just short trends that fade away quickly, there are also marketing tools that come to stay. Chatbot Marketing is one of these additions that will fundamentally change the marketing of the future.

Planning a Chatbot Strategy? Here's What NOT to Do Ayehu


When it comes to utilizing chatbots, there are plenty of resources out there to tell you what you should do, our own blog included. But as with anything in business, it's just as important to know what not to do as it is to know best practices. By learning from the many common mistakes made by others, you can hopefully avoid going down the same wrong paths with your own chatbot initiative. That said, let's dive into a few of those common mistakes below. Chatbots are great, but only if you're using them the right way and for the right purpose.