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Apple Developer Center Hacked? Maintenance Stokes Security Fears

International Business Times

Apple removed a number of its online developer tools Wednesday, reporting to users that the products were being taken down for maintenance--though some users believe changes to account details may suggest a security breach occurred. The main landing page for Apple's developer portal is still accessible, though a number of services available to developers remain down. The tools have been offline since 11:30 a.m. The affected services include Account, Bug Reporter, Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, Code-level Support, Program Enrollment and Renewals, Software Downloads and Xcode Automatic Configuration. Newsweek is hosting a Structure Security Event in San Francisco, Sept. 26-27.

Escaping the Reactive Maintenance Rut Through Analytics


The ability to forecast when a machine might go down is the Holy Grail of industrial maintenance. Using data collected from sensors within the equipment, the plant engineer determines the best course of action to address the troublesome component or parameter before it leads to asset failure. But many plants hesitate to start the journey toward predictive maintenance. The people responsible for making decisions about machine maintenance "spend much of their time firefighting or troubleshooting, or maybe they're understaffed or being forced to cut expenses," says Melissa Hammerle, business unit manager for Fluke Connect, a maintenance management system of software and logging devices. "The thought of setting up a preventive maintenance program seems like a bridge too far."

Android is switching to a regular maintenance schedule for more predictable updates


Minor tweaks and bug fixes aren't new for Android updates, but Google wants to make the process far less haphazard. A post on the Android Developers Blog details that Google is moving to a regular maintenance schedule "over the coming quarters," with an eye towards a predictable process and more feedback from developers. Vice president of engineering Dave Burke said Google has already started work on some issues that are on the list and will transition to a new schedule in the coming months. Just as it did with the Android N Preview, updates will come first to a Dev Preview before they're sent out to everyone else. You'll be able to download and flash the latest preview to try it out in advance of a final release.

Predictive maintenance in industry 4.0: applications and advantages -


Machines play a huge role in our lives, including the machines we use every day, but without maintenance, every machine will eventually break down. Companies follow various maintenance programs to increase operational reliability and reduce costs. Maintenance is the set of operations necessary to preserve the functionality and efficiency of an asset and can take place in response to a failure or as a previously planned action. According to research conducted by Deloitte, a non-optimized maintenance strategy can reduce the production capacity of an industrial plant by 5 to 20%. Recent studies also show that downtime costs industrial manufacturers about 45 billion euros a year.

Predictive maintenance vs preventative maintenance: We have the framework to help you choose


Predictive maintenance is a bit ahead in the hype cycle, having past its peak. Now is the time for it to slowly penetrate business. However most executives are not clear on difference of predictive maintenance from the preventative maintenance they have been conducting for years so it would be great to start off with the definitions. Predictive maintenance: Perform maintenance when you predict that issues will arise. Keeps maintenance costs minimum since maintenance will only be completed when predicted and maintenance will be planned preventing urgent resource allocation inefficiencies.