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Uber announces partnership with Mercedes-Benz

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The ridesharing company's latest partnership is with Daimler, who owns Mercedes-Benz. A link has been sent to your friend's email address. The ridesharing company's latest partnership is with Daimler, who owns Mercedes-Benz.

Partnership with Warsaw.AI - Nextgrid


We are excited to share that we've officially partnered with Warsaw.AI! Warsaw AI is a vibrant community of AI practitioners coming from technology companies, startups and academic institutions. They are hosting a series of AI-themed events in Warsaw, Poland. You can follow them on Facebook and Youtube.

FIRESIDE CHAT WIRED meets the UK Partnership on AI The AI Summit London


During The AI Summit London 2019, Terah Lyons, Founding Executive Director of the Partnership on AI, was joined onstage by WIRED Editor Greg Williams to discuss the AI landscape today, the challenges facing organizations implementing AI, the ethical use of AI, and much, much more. With flagship shows in San Francisco, London, New York, Munich, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Cape Town, 2019 will see over 30,000 delegates from businesses globally joining the AI revolution through The AI Summit events. The AI Summit series uniquely has the support of tech's elite, with our 2019 Industry Partners featuring Agorai, AWS, IBM Watson, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, HCL, Publicis Sapient, Genpact, Intel alongside 300 sponsors and partners. Exclusive, inspirational insights from acclaimed speakers are frequently reported by the world's foremost press including official media partners CBS, Reuters, BBC, The Times, Quartz, Tech Radar.

Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft join forces to push AI


You may not have noticed, but artificial intelligence has already arrived. AI systems are used today to identify your friends' faces in Facebook photos, cue up recommended videos on YouTube and help your Siri voice assistant talk. Hoping to build on these uses, Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft said Wednesday they've created a new group called the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society. The nonprofit's primary missions include researching AI, creating guidelines in developing new AI tech and advancing the public's understanding of AI -- perhaps helping allay fears that robots may want to kill us or take our jobs (or both). The Partnership on AI isn't intended as a lobbying group.