Heavy-lifting robot lifts loads for workers

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Helpful robots are typically shown as mechanical maids or humanoid teachers in sci-fi films. But now there's a new collaborative robot that can work alongside human factory workers to give them a helping hand. The Fanuc CR-35iA claims to be the first'heavy-lifting industrial collaborative robot' to work with humans without the need for safety fences. The Coventry-based company Fanuc's robot uses integrated vision technology called iRVision to keep an eye on humans and automatically stops if it touches an operator. This removes the need for safety fences - a previous requirement for all industrial robots - and is said to increase efficiency and enable a higher level of automation, the firm claims.

Sucking robot arm wins Amazon Picking Challenge - BBC News

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A robotic arm that combines a suction cup, a "two-fingered" gripper and a 3D depth-sensing camera has won Amazon's latest warehouse bot competition. Team Delft's machine triumphed over its rivals at both of the two tasks. One involved selecting products from a container, picking them up and putting them on a shelf. The other was doing the actions in reverse. Amazon already uses robots to move goods about its buildings but relies on humans to stock its shelves.

Hands, heads and robots work in sync at Amazon warehouses


The thousands of bright orange automatons that haul shelves full of merchandise at Amazon's fulfillment center here could be seen as a sign of the impending doom of the human workforce. But the 500 or so full-time workers employed at this site have something robots won't have for many years, according to experts. Humans have an intuitive understanding of the movement of objects, and fine motor skills that give them a firm hold on key warehouse operations like packaging and stowing goods. That helps explain why Amazon.com,

Watch the incredible 'suckbot' in Amazon's 'roboshopper olympics'

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It could be the ultimate shopping companion, able to pick and pack goods at lightning speed. A German robotic'suckbot' arm has been crowned the winner in a prestigious warehouse robot contest run by Amazon. Sixteen teams competed in Amazon's Picking Challenge this year, where robots selected specific items from containers and placed them in a tote or on a shelf. Team Delft's robotic arm robotic'suckbot' arm has been crowned the winner in a prestigious warehouse robot contest run by Amazon. It uses suction cups to lift and move objects, allowing it to easily shop.

Walmart Is Using Robots To Scan For Empty Shelves, Misplaced Items

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Soon you'll see something new roaming the aisles at Walmart. The company is introducing shelf-scanning robots to its stores to help keep shelves stocked and full at all times. The robots will be operating in 50 stores across the United States, according to Reuters. The robots are vaguely square and have a tower sticking out of one side of the top of them. This part of the bot is fitted with camera to help the robot maneuver aisles and to scan the shelves for any missing items or empty spots where and item needs to be restocked, Reuters reported.